Photography Business Branding Tips | A Brand Others Should Be Envious Of: How to Brand Your Photography Business

Photography Business Branding Tips | A Brand Others Sho...

Photography Business Branding Tips | We’re going to be honest, you have a lot of competition. In fact, it does not take much to call someone a “professional photographer.” The industry of professional photography has grown exponentially in the last few years – even in a bad economy, in some cases because of the bad economy. A few thousand dollars in equipment plus a mediocre website, and literally anyone with the dream of being a photographer can call themselves a pro. With so many photographers in the industry, it’s incredibly crucial to make sure your clients remember you.

Photography Business Branding Tips | Website Design –

What is a photographer to do then? There is a way to take a stand, by standing out, showcasing your amazing service, product excellence, and the unique artistry you bring to the market. While many photographers want to focus all of their time on their work, it is essential to remember that you and your photography business are a brand. Marketing, social networking, and day-to-day business tasks may seem like the not-so-fun side of running a photography business, but they are critical for your sustained success nonetheless. To make sure you stand out from the crowd, here are some photography business branding tips to get your business noticed, and most importantly, remembered!

What Is Photography Branding? | Photography Business Branding Tips

Think of your brand as your touch point. Every way you communicate with your clients, and potential business partners, from your logo to your marketing, and your product to your customer service, is your brand. Take a moment to find out what your specific selling points are: your specialty, what makes you different, and what sets you apart from other photographers. Once you have figured it out, you can build it into your branding strategy, and use it to define your target audience.

Photography Business Branding Tips | A Brand Others Sho...

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Target Audience | Photography Business Branding Tips

Your brand is not what you say it is. It is what they say it is. “They” are your target audience. Make a list of the characteristics of your ideal client, and use this list to define your target audience. Try to be as specific as possible, including traits such as age, work, income, gender, business or consumer, etc. This basically enables you to really fine-tune how to promote your business to your audience, because you will know who they are, and how they think.

Creating A Brand Called You | Photography Business Branding Tips

The next thing you have to do is look for your brand essence. This is the heart and soul of your business. This is where you establish who you are. Keep in mind that people buy from people. So, your target clients will want to get to know you personally, and this should feed into your brand image. Every major brand has a signature look. Whether it’s a color scheme, logo, or image, people instantly associated this icon with the brand, what it stands for, and what product it offers.

Make It Cohesive | Photography Business Branding Tips

When it comes to branding, consistency is key. Once you choose a signature look, make sure there is a thread or a few that keeps your brand cohesive and consistent across all mediums. Print, online, advertising, promotion, and sales. Make sure the color, patterns, an fonts are all the same, or in the range of your brand. By having a consistent feel, your visitors and clients will know it is your brand when they search for you on other social media platforms.

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Photography Business Branding Tips | A Brand Others Sho...

Make The Most Of Social Media | Photography Business Branding Tips

It is difficult to ignore the effect of social networks on brand exposure. Social media can be an incredible tool in promoting your brand, and conveying your brand identity to a large market. For photography businesses, Pinterest and Facebook are two obvious platforms to hit, as they offer large, high-resolution images, and creative photographic communities waiting to see your work. You have to keep posting, interacting, and reinforcing your brand values and aesthetics on all networks.

Photography Business Branding Tips | Website Design –

Be Unique | Photography Business Branding Tips

If you have followed these steps you should have arrived at a brand that is unique, because it is you. If it is true, and it is you, then it is right. It is one thing to be inspired – and another thing to rip someone off. Remember, the person who did the original copy or logo or whatever, worked at it. Don’t go the shortcut route.

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