Photography Business Branding | How To Develop A Better Photography Brand (Hint: It May Include Hiring A Designer)

Photography Business Branding | How To Develop A Better ...

Photography Business Branding | Branding is definitely the buzz word of 2014. The big brands have been doing it for years, but the effect that social media has had on business over the last few years, and ever-growing market competition have made more small businesses turn to branding than ever before. With so many photographers in the market, it’s crucial to make sure you stand out, and your clients remember you. It’s no longer just about your outstanding work, and amazing customer service, which is without a doubt a huge plus.

Photography Business Branding | Website Design –

Starting and running any business is a big feat, and first and foremost, congratulations on making the commitment and sticking with it! While many photographers want to focus all of their time on their work, it is vital to keep in mind that you and your photography business are a brand. Effectively branding a photography business can make a huge difference to your rankings and visibility in search engines, as well as your sales, client retention and outreach. So what can you do? Branding can be one of the hardest parts about your photography business. Well, we are here to help!

Design A Professional Logo! | Photography Business Branding

It may seem obvious, but image is the most important element of branding. Design a simple, eye catching and professional logo that will stand out and get you recognized by your target audience. This is crucial for brand recognition, and a highly effective way to create a familiar feel with potential and existing clients. Our brains process images a lot quicker compared to text, so next time your watermarking your images, consider using your logo instead of just using your company’s name. A logo doesn’t have to be overdone with bells and whistles. It should be clean and easily recognizable.

Photography Business Branding | How To Develop A Better ...

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Make The Most Of Social Media! | Photography Business Branding

It is hard to ignore the effect of social media on brand exposure. Social media can be a colossal asset to building your brand, and showcasing your brand identity to your target market. For photography businesses, Pinterest and Facebook are two key obvious ones to use, as they enable you to post large, high-resolution images, and join creative communities waiting to see your work. You need to keep posting, interacting, and reinforcing your brand values and aesthetics on all platforms.

Stay True to YOU! | Photography Business Branding

The next thing we need to do is look for your brand essence. This is the heart and soul of your business. This is where you establish who you are. What works for your neighbor may or may not work for you. Whether you spend a pretty penny on a beautiful new brand, or you find the perfect fit within inexpensive crowdsourcing community, your business identity is one of the most important decisions you can make as a business owner. Stay true to your own style. It is wise to look for inspiration, but no one likes a copycat.

Depending on the particular services you offer (commercial, wedding, portrait), you will have your own unique selling point. Take a moment to decide what your specific selling points are: your specialty, how you’re different, what sets you apart from other photographers. Start by defining your work, your approach, your product. Choose 5-6 words that best describe your business. Are you altruistic, stylish, funny, boutique, modern, couture, polished, classic, bohemian?

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Photography Business Branding | How To Develop A Better ...

Invest Wisely! | Photography Business Branding

Branding is truly an investment. You need to present yourself professionally, and you can still do that on a budget. Keep in mind that you need to brand well out of the gate, even if on a shoe string budget. The more preparation you can do ahead of time to choose images, color schemes, and even textures that tickle your fancy, the more effectively you’ll be able to use the time (and money) spent on your branding. Even the most talented graphic designers aren’t psychic, so be sure to set aside plenty of time to discuss inspiration and goals before you put down your deposit.

Photography Business Branding | Website Design –

Make it Cohesive. Make it Consistent. | Photography Business Branding

Once you choose a design path make sure there is a thread or a few that keep your brand cohesive and consistent across all mediums like print, online, advertising, promotion, and sales. Make sure the color, patterns, fonts are all the same or in the range of your brand. By having a consistent feel your visitors and clients will know it is your brand when they search for you on other social media platforms.

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