Photography Business Card Hacks | The Business Card Is Your Own Pocketable Billboard! Here’s How To Get Clients To Pay Attention To It

Photography Business Card Hacks | The Business Card Is Your Own ...

Photography Business Card Hacks | This week we’ve been taking a closer look at photography brands and different tactics you can use to stand out in a crowded market, yet we only barely mentioned a critical brand-building tool that deserves a post of its own – the business card. Sure, it can be a small piece of paper with your contact details, but when done right, it can be one of your most powerful business tools that not only reinforces your brand, but also grows your client base!

Photography Business Card Hacks | Website Design –

Your business card will oftentimes be the very first contact a potential client has with you and your photography business, long before they even get a chance to check out your portfolio, so it will be the critical difference between a lost sale and a loyal client for life. It’s your first impression, and we can help you nail it. Today we’re sharing some of the most important design tips we use each and every time we design a business card for a client. Ready for some insider goodies? Read on!

The Sad Truth About The Current State Of Business Cards | Photography Business Card Hacks

How many times have you been handed a cheap business card with the excuse that it’s just temporary until they get around to ordering “the real” business cards? There are countless business owners out there thinking that they’re actually saving money and being smart by using a cheap business card template they found online, only to realize their mistake the first chance they get to hand out a business card. Don’t waste your time coming up with excuses; instead, focus on creating a business card you’ll be proud of.

Photography Business Card Hacks | The Business Card Is Your Own ...

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It’s not only a matter of pride – cheap templates not only have all the telltale signs of amateur design, but they’re actually already being used by many other photographers out there. We’re all being handed dozens of business cards each week, and they all end up in a desk drawer or a card holder, which is why, if you’re getting business cards, you’ll want yours to stand out even from the largest pile. And that can only happen if there’s something different about it!

Standing Out Is Easy | Photography Business Card Hacks

So, how do you go about designing a business card that stands out? Simple – you make it an extension of your brand. Take a look at your existing stationery and other branded materials. Is there a common thread tying everything together? Do you have a color scheme that’s typical for your brand? What about specific fonts you use everywhere, from your website to your brochure? By using the same elements throughout your materials, both online and off, you can turn your materials into a cohesive entity and make them look and feel like they came from the same source.

In addition to using the same color scheme, you can also consider using the same graphics throughout your materials. Take a look at your logo and see if there’s a particular element you can use on your business card, letterhead, envelope and other branded materials to tie them together! For example, you can feature your logo on the back of your card, and use the geometrical shape from your logo’s icon faded in the background on the front. This will add that extra punch to your card, while keeping it in line with your brand!

Be Deliberate With Information You Include | Photography Business Card Hacks

It doesn’t matter how creative or unique your business card is if it doesn’t provide a potential client or business partner with all the information they need to reach you. Those “mysterious” cards with just a phone number on them might grab the attention, but are more likely to end up in the trash than to get a potential client to call you. So, what are the most important details? Your name should definitely be there, as well as your phone number and your email address. If you have a studio, you can include your physical address too. Keep in mind, though, that there’s a limited space on your card, so don’t clutter it up by listing random, useless information.

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Photography Business Card Hacks | The Business Card Is Your Own ...

It’s A Tool, Not A Piece Of Art | Photography Business Card Hacks

Don’t get us wrong here, we’re all for creative business cards and unique designs, but don’t forget that the business card is still just a communication tool at the end of the day. As such, it needs to provide your potential clients with your contact details at a single glance, so make sure you’re using simple fonts large enough to be easily read without a magnifying glass. Don’t make people sit there trying to decipher the content of your business card!

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Invest In Good Paper Stock | Photography Business Card Hacks

You’d be amazed how many photographers design absolutely stunning business cards, only to have them printed on the cheapest paper stock available. Let’s face it, they’re not fooling anyone. Your clients will be able to tell the difference between cheap, flimsy paper and high-quality paper stock. Thicker cards tend to feel more luxurious, which will help you leave an impression of a reliable, established business owner, and not an amateur that will disappear the moment you find a real job. Think about it: what will a card that gets dented or torn easily tell about the quality of the services and products you’re offering?

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