Photography Business Card Tricks | How To Unleash The Power Of Your Business Cards And Grow Your Photography Business

Photography Business Card Tricks | How To Unleash The Power Of Your...

Photography Business Card Tricks | Even though there’s no denying the fact that we’re working in paperless offices, you’d still be hard pressed to find a successful business owner without a business card – no matter the industry! Needless to say, photographers are no exception either. In fact, more and more photographers are beginning to realize the power of effective business cards, and they’re using them not only to provide their potential clients with their contact details, but also to promote their services and boost brand awareness.

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If you don’t have a business card to hand out to your potential clients and business partners, you might be missing more opportunities than you think. A business card is pretty much like a roadside billboard boiled down to its essence – and the best part is that people will hang onto it longer than they would look at a billboard. However, we all receive dozens of business cards each week, which means your potential client is not going to keep absolutely every card they’re handed. So, how can you make sure your business card doesn’t end up in the trash the moment your meeting with a potential client is over? Read on to find out!

Work From The Ground Up! | Photography Business Card Tricks

The main purpose of any business card is to provide people with contact details, and this hasn’t changed since the business card was introduced, so in order to ensure yours is effective, you’ll need to take care of the most important information you need featured on your card. As the space on the business card is rather limited, so you need to pay special attention to what you include. Including too many details might clutter up the card and end up overwhelming the recipient, while including too few details will render your business card useless.

Photography Business Card Tricks | How To Unleash The Power Of Your...

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So, what’s most important? Your name should definitely be there, as well as the name of your business. Needless to say, you’ll need to include your logo if you have one, as well as your phone number and your email address. Most people also include their website as well, or even go so far as to include their social media links. This isn’t necessarily a bad idea, especially if you don’t own a studio and you don’t have to include your physical address, so you can fit the extra links on your card. However, if your social media accounts are personal and are rarely used to promote your services and products, it might be a better idea to leave off these links after all.

Convey Your Unique Style | Photography Business Card Tricks

Sure, there are cheap business card templates online, and they do say that saved money is made money, so downloading one of those templates sounds like a clever idea, right? Not really! Your business cards are not just a communication tool – they are a powerful branding tool, but to get the most out of them, you need to make sure they’re designed to reinforce your brand identity and convey your visual style. If your potential client receives a grungy business cards and sees a newborn photography portfolio on your website, they’ll think you’re not sure what you’re trying to communicate or what kind of a brand you’re trying to build.

Not only do the business cards you hand out need to match your style of photography, but it should also perfectly match your other branded materials in order to reinforce your brand. This is best achieved by following branding guidelines, and if you don’t have those just yet, perhaps you’d want to take care of the style guidelines before designing anything. This short document will cover all elements related to your brand – whether it’s a particular color scheme you use consistently throughout your materials, both online and off, a font, or even graphics that represent your brand.

The Importance Of Consistency | Photography Business Card Tricks

Not all business owners realize the importance of consistency, especially when it comes to building a memorable brand. A recent study found that in order to remember a brand, the average person need to come into contact with it at least 5-7 times, and if you use the same color scheme, for example, you’ll turn your brand into a cohesive visual experience and your potential clients will be much more likely to remember you. Plus, it will help you leave an impression of an experienced professional who’s in control, pays attention to even the smallest details, and knows exactly what he or she wants.

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Photography Business Card Tricks | How To Unleash The Power Of Your...

Some Rules Are Not Meant To Be Broken | Photography Business Card Tricks

While making sure your card is creative and different than any other business card out there is vitally important for a good first impression, there are certain standards and best practices you’ll want to stick with, such as the size of the card. While using an unusual size or shape will make your business card stand out, it might make it difficult to store. Remember, business card holders and wallets are made to accommodate the standard size, and your potential are likely to throw your business card away if it doesn’t fit these items.

Photography Business Card Tricks | Website Design –

Show Them What You Can Do For Them | Photography Business Card Tricks

Using actual photos in the design of business cards has photographers divided into two camps – some are passionately against it, while others welcome any opportunity to showcase their work. One of the main arguments of those against featuring photos on business cards is that it might clutter up the design. This can definitely be avoided, especially if you fit all the important details on the front of your card, and instead of leaving the back blank, you can feature an image that best represents your skills and area of specialization. Of course, this will help your business card stand out from even the largest pile and it’s definitely something you at least want to consider.

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