Photography Business Growth Advice | Guide Your Potential Client Through The Sales Funnel And Book That Session Today!

Photography Business Growth Advice | Guide Your Potential Client ...

Photography Business Growth Advice | Starting a photography business can feel like the easiest thing in the whole wide world – after all, the equipment has never been more affordable, so all you need is some extra cash lying around to get your hands on some equipment and you’re good to go. However, turning your business idea into a profitable business is the challenging part, because it doesn’t matter how stunning the pictures you take are, or how expensive your equipment is if you don’t know how to get potential clients in the door.

Photography Business Growth Advice | Website Design –

If you’re just starting out, standing out from the crowd of already established photographers in your area might feel overwhelming, but if you’re willing to work a bit smarter, not necessarily harder, growing your client base doesn’t have to be overwhelming, or expensive. The secret of success is not millions of dollars saved up for marketing efforts. Sure, it would make everyone’s life a lot easier (and their shoes more fabulous), but even if you’re on a limited budget, you can set up a marketing strategy that converts potential clients into loyal fans for life. Here’s what you need to know!

What Is A Sales Funnel? | Photography Business Growth Advice

Sales funnel, or purchase process, or even buying cycle, is basically the buying process you need to lead your potential clients through, from the moment they hear about you for the very first time to the moment they step into your studio for their session. This funnel consists of a few different steps, and you need to pay attention to each step in order to ensure everything is optimized for effortless conversion. These steps can be divided into: awareness, interest, decision, action. Let’s take a closer look at each, shall we?

Photography Business Growth Advice | Guide Your Potential Client ...

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Build Brand Awareness! | Photography Business Growth Advice

In order to grow your business, people need to actually hear about you – taking stunning pictures will take you only so far, after all. So, in order to convert someone into a paying client, you need to get on their radar. It’s vitally important to clearly define your ideal client before you do anything else, and you’ll have a much better idea how to raise awareness.That’s why you won’t advertise your services in a bridal magazine if you’re targeting high-school seniors. This is a rather trivial example, but you get the gist: in order to raise the awareness, you need to do your research and figure out who your audience is.

Advertising isn’t the only way to raise awareness, mind you – building social media presence is another powerful way to stand out and get yourself noticed. When done right, it will help you differentiate yourself and build a reputation of a reliable industry leader. Other ways of raising awareness include setting up referral programs and getting your clients to spread the word and raise awareness for you in exchange for a reward.

Grab The Attention And Spark The Interest | Photography Business Growth Advice

Once you get your photography business in front of your potential clients, you need to tell them what makes you different than anyone else in your area or your particular niche. They won’t be trying too hard to figure it out on their own, so make sure you know your product and vision. After all, you cannot convince other people to use your product if you do not know the ins and outs of it yourself. Know everything possible about your what you are trying to sell, even its shortcomings and weaknesses.

Then, find the best way to convey the benefits of doing business with you and what’s in it for your potential clients. Start with your website: set up a compelling portfolio that showcases only the best examples of your work, explain the entire process and consider even including full breakdown of your packages on your website to provide a potential client with everything they might be curious about. The good news is that this will oftentimes be the easiest step, as photographers never lack stunning imagery that will make a potential client want to hire you.

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Photography Business Growth Advice | Guide Your Potential Client ...

Don’t Leave It Up To Your Potential Clients To Set All The Terms | Photography Business Growth Advice

Once you get your potential clients to notice you and you get their attention and interest, they are likely to reach out to you to inquire about your services and a possible session. This is still not a done deal – they’re probably reaching out to a few other photographers as well, and they’ll ask the modern photographer’s most dreaded question: how much do you charge for your services? Most photographers try to avoid the topic altogether, especially when just starting out, or leave it to the potential client to set the terms, which isn’t the best move. If you don’t know your own worth how is anyone else supposed to know it? It’s better to have a starting point even if you need to lower the prices a bit to secure a potential gig.

Photography Business Growth Advice | Website Design –

Never Stop Improving | Photography Business Growth Advice

The final step in the actual session, which might turn the client into a loyal fan for life, or a brand saboteur. The quickest way to turn a client into a saboteur is by failing to deliver on your promises. Even the best sales funnel won’t do you any good if the end-result doesn’t meet and exceed client expectations, so never stop working on your offerings and finding new ways to improve your services.

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