Photography Business Logo | Master The Art Of Design And Create A Logo That Properly Represents Your Photography Business

Photography Business Logo | Master The Art Of Design And Create A ...

Photography Business Logo | Creating an effective logo requires a lot more than simply pasting the name of your photography business next to a random shape and calling it a day! What you’re doing here is creating the face of your business, the backbone of brand and the representation of your unique style and creative vision. This requires some research, careful planning and just a pinch of creativity. Chances are you’ve already got the creativity covered, but what about the other elements of an effective logo?

Photography Business Logo | Website Design –

Ever wondered why people freaked out when Google decided to update their logo? Or Verizon? These most recent incidents, among many others, show just how important logo design is in today’s world. It’s the single element that will tie together your entire brand, represent your business and remind your potential clients what you can do for them! Yet, you’d be surprised how many photographers decide to leave the design of this vitally important visual cue in the hands of a neighborhood kid or an “artsy” friend. So, how do you as a serious professional stand out from the crowd and come up with a quality logo that works for you? Read on to find out.

Be Unique | Photography Business Logo

While you may be tempted to download a logo template, write the name of your business and call it a day, keep in mind that it might end up doing more damage than good! After all, standing out means being different! Take a look at what’s already out there, both in your area and in your particular niche, and find an opening for something new. The last thing you want from your logo is to have it mistaken for a logo fo a competitor. A unique logo will not only stand out from the sea of other identities, but it will also be a lot easier to remember, which is ultimately your goal here!

Photography Business Logo | Master The Art Of Design And Create A ...

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Keep It Simple | Photography Business Logo

In order to make sure your logo is easy to remember, you’ll want to keep it simple. Complex logos are not only incredibly difficult to remember, but they’re also nightmare when it comes to actually using them. Yet, so many business owners get carried away trying to make their logo stand out and turn a perfectly fine idea into a cluttered mess! Your logo is most powerful at its simplest – and you’ll realize that when you need to scale it down to the size of a golf ball. While the design might look absolutely stunning on your computer screen, will it be just as effective on a business card? Don’t make your potential clients squint to figure out what your logo is all about!

Ensure Versatility | Photography Business Logo

Versatility is definitely one of the biggest buzz words in the world of design – and it’s no surprise. We live in an amazing time where the only restrictions when it comes to marketing are the limits of your imagination. Both online and offline, there are countless ways, mediums, and materials you can use to promote the services you’re providing. However, some of these materials will have serious production limitations. It’s your job to think of these limitations during the design process to make sure you’re ready for whatever comes your way. If your logo won’t adapt to pretty much situation, material and application, it’s a wasted investment on the whole!

For example, when we design a logo for a client, we kick off the design process by sketching our ideas in black and white. In fact, we leave color till the very end of the design stage, so we can focus on the overall look and feel of the design without getting distracted by color. This might not sound like the most important thing in the world, but when the time comes to fax something to a potential client, you’ll have a serious problem on your hand if you rely on color to communicate a meaning. Your logo should be just as effective in one color, in gray scale, or full color.

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Photography Business Logo | Master The Art Of Design And Create A ...

Another important thing you need to keep in mind if you’re designing your own logo is to use vectors. Unlike raster images, vectors will allow you to scale your logo to pretty much any size without affecting the quality and turning your logo into a pixelated mess. Why is this? Well, there are a finite number of pixels in all raster images; when you enlarge a photo, the computer takes its best guess as to what specific colors should fill in the gaps. With the vectors, you’ll take out the guesswork and have a perfect logo that works in any size!

Photography Business Logo | Website Design –

Make It Readable | Photography Business Logo

The point of having a logo is to help your potential clients remember you and your business better. This can only happen if they can actually read the name of your business, so make sure you’re not using a font that’s difficult to read! We all have that one font we particularly like, but if it’s a complex calligraphic font that’s impossible to read, it doesn’t belong in your logo. Instead, go with a simple, easy to read font, because your potential clients will not try too hard to figure out the name of your business on their own. And lastly, stick to 2-3 fonts max, as the human eye finds it difficult to scan multiple fonts at once!

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