Photography Business Mistakes | 5 Reasons Your Photography Business Will Fail (And How To Avoid Them)

Photography Business Mistakes | 5 Reasons Your Photo...

Photography Business Mistakes | You want to turn pro? Many people find photography to be an exciting and fulfilling hobby, so it only makes sense that some try to turn it into a full-time job. Today, it is easier than ever to get your hands on a camera and start taking pictures, but becoming a successful photographer takes time, planning, and effort. Photography business can be incredibly demanding, both financially and in terms of work hours. But if you are dedicated to and passionate about taking pictures and you are okay with a bit of uncertainty, it may be the perfect industry for you.

Photography Business Mistakes | Website Design –

As with all other types of businesses, your photography business isn’t going to become a success over night, regardless of how much you want it to. There’s so much to take into consideration when starting it up: marketing costs, social media strategies, physical store location, and, of course, actual photography and editing skills. Are you ready to take the plunge and become a professional photographer? Don’t do it until you’ve read these simple tips in order to avoid the most common photography business mistakes.

If You Don’t Know Your Worth, Nobody Else Will | Photography Business Mistakes

Setting your prices just right can be the difference between making and breaking your startup photography business. It is crucial that you have a basic rate to refer to so you can assert your value when you get approached by potential clients. Even if you have to make exceptions and lower it to get commissions in the beginning, it’s wise to have a starting point than to leave it to the client alone to set the terms. Understand the value your photography services are giving based on the competition you face from other photographers, and set a reasonable pricing strategy.

Photography Business Mistakes | 5 Reasons Your Photo...

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Understand Your Market | Photography Business Mistakes

It’s vital that you know exactly who your ideal client is and that you adjust every part of your business plan toward the things they like. Many photographers, particularly younger ones, fail to comprehend this concept and are too general in focus. In reality, defining your target market should be where 90% of your effort and time should be spent in the first few years of your business. Once you have this defined, then everything you do from that point will be to attract these people as potential clients. Find out where they are and get on their radar.

Create A Website That Appeals To Your Ideal Client | Photography Business Mistakes

Everything is online these days, and your photography business should definitely not be the exception to this hard-and-fast rule. Your website is generally the first impression that potential clients have of your business and can be seen as your virtual storefront. You want to keep your target audience and your unique selling point in mind when creating your website and make sure that every element appeals to your ideal client. Building your own photography website is a proven and affordable way to get additional exposure for your new photography business.

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Photography Business Mistakes | 5 Reasons Your Photo...

Rock Your Social Media | Photography Business Mistakes

For most photographers, Facebook is the most likely place where an ideal client is spending time. Twitter and Google+ tend to attract more business owners. So if you mostly do photography for other businesses instead of for the general public like wedding couples and parents, then those two might be a better place to focus your time. Never post something you are ‘still experimenting with’ or you’re not quite sure about, because people will judge you on what they see. If you become known as the person who posts beautiful pictures, people will want to follow you.

Photography Business Mistakes | Website Design –

Don’t Underestimate Business Cards | Photography Business Mistakes

In this day and age of Internet-everything, it can be tempting to ignore good old paper tools like the business card. That can be a costly mistake for a growing photographer. When you network, you meet people who don’t know what you’re about. This gives you the golden opportunity to show them your portfolio and work, thereby potentially getting new clients who need photography services. One effective tip for professional photographers is to take a few pictures of the wedding location and send it to the owner, or take professional pictures of the wedding cake and send it to the cake decorator. When a bride goes to the flower shop or the cake decorator, they will often send referrals your way.

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