Photography Business Plan Tips | Writing A Business Plan? 5 Questions Every Photographer Needs To Answer Before Turning Pro

Photography Business Plan Tips | Writing A Business Plan? 5 Quest...

Photography Business Plan Tips | Starting a photography business might sound like a great New Year’s resolution – you love taking pictures and you wouldn’t mind doing it full-time. You might be talented and passionate about photography, but there’s one thing you need to keep in mind before you launch your own business – you’re not the only photographer out there trying to turn pro. The industry is getting quite saturated, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on your dream of running a photography business – it simply means you’ll need to work a bit smarter to stand out.

Photography Business Plan Tips | Website Design –

They say that preparation is half the battle, and it couldn’t be any more true for the world of business. Good entrepreneurs know that the first step to turning a great idea into a thriving business is a solid, well-written business plan. Even though writing a business plan may sound simple, “simple” doesn’t cut it for this critical document. It should be able to guide you to success and help you avoid some of the most common pitfalls. Not sure where to begin? We can help you with that! Read on to find out what are some of the most important areas you’ll need to cover.

Who Is Your Target Audience? | Photography Business Plan Tips

Before you decide to dive in head first, you need to clearly define your target audience. This seemingly simple task is more important than many photographers realize, and it will affect most of the aspects of your business – from the equipment you’ll need to invest in, to the way you brand and market your business. And no, “everybody” isn’t considered a target audience, so take some time to figure out who your ideal client is – is it a bride-to-be, a high-school senior, or new parents? Don’t do anything else until you know your ideal client in terms of gender, location, age, and even income.

Photography Business Plan Tips | Writing A Business Plan? 5 Quest...

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What’s The Name Of Your Business? | Photography Business Plan Tips

Many photographers decide to use their own name in combination with “photography,” but there are many photographers that come up with a completely unique name for their businesses. It’s pretty much up to you, but whatever you decide, make sure it’s something you can live with as long as you’re in the business. Your clients will remember the name of your business, and if you decide to change it down the road, you’ll only confuse them, and might end up alienating them.

The same goes for your logo. You’ll want to make sure you have a professional design a logo for your business that will be appropriate for the nature of your brand, able to appeal to your ideal client and grab their attention. That might sound like a lot to ask from such a small graphic, but it can be done. Of course, you’ll tweak the logo here and there to make it current, but the overall look and feel should remain the same to improve brand exposure and help your potential clients remember you.

Do You Have The Required Equipment? | Photography Business Plan Tips

There’s no denying that the quality of the equipment you use will affect the quality of the pictures you take, so you’ll need to make sure you invest in the best equipment your budget allows. This is why it’s vitally important that you clearly define the equipment budget in your business plan, as well as which equipment you’ll need. You’ll use different equipment for portraits than if you were shooting landscapes. You can always rent the equipment you don’t use too often, but don’t forget to invest in backup equipment as well. The last thing you want is to have a camera break down in the middle of the shoot.

What Will Your Prices Be Like? | Photography Business Plan Tips

You’d be surprised how many photographers leave it up to their clients to set the terms when it comes to pricing, especially when they’re just starting out and trying to book as many gigs as possible. However, it’s best to clearly define your prices in the startup stage, so you’ll have a starting point when a potential client approaches you, even if you have to lower the price to secure the session. Remember that for every hour you spend shooting, you’ll spend a few additional hours editing the pictures, and make sure you include that in your pricing as well.

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Photography Business Plan Tips | Writing A Business Plan? 5 Quest...

How Will You Tackle Online Presence? | Photography Business Plan Tips

Building any kind of business in this day and age is pretty much impossible without setting up at least a website. Having a strong online presence is even more important in a creative industry such as the photography industry. Having a professionally designed website can boost your business more than you might think – it can serve as a portfolio if you want to showcase your work, but it can also provide your potential clients with everything they need to reach out to you and schedule a session.

Photography Business Plan Tips | Website Design –

However, if you want to take it up a notch, you’ll want to grow your online presence to other platforms, such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. There are very visual networks, and you can use them to reach out to and engage your potential clients with beautiful imagery. It will also help drive traffic to your website, and it will improve your search engine rankings. And the best part is that social media requires only 20-30 minutes a day to maintain your presence once you set everything up.

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