Photography Business Stationery Advice | The Go-Getter’s Guide To Designing Effective Business Stationery

Photography Business Stationery Advice | The Go-Getter’s Guide To ...

Photography Business Stationery Advice | Yes, we live in a digital era, but that doesn’t mean business stationery is a thing of the past. In fact, it can still do a lot for your business – and much more than simply deliver your message to potential and existing clients. Today, more and more business owners are using creative, custom business stationery to reinforce their brand identity, get their clients involved with the brand, and leave a great impression on potential clients. However, not all business stationery is created equal.

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There’s an entire industry behind effective business stationery, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that designing effective business stationery isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Sure, you can slap your logo on a piece of paper and call it business stationery, but it won’t turn it into an effective business tool. In order to come up with a stationery packet that works for you and helps you grow your business, you will need to do some research, find out more about design best practices and industry secrets, or simply read through our favorite photography business stationery advice we use every time we design a stationery item for a client.

Be Unique | Photography Business Stationery Advice

Despite living in a digital era, we’re still buried under an avalanche of printed materials, whether we receive it in the mail, are handed promo materials in the street or at meetings. We get so much print material, in fact, that our brains learned to ignore most of it, and most of it ends up in the trash can. This is bad news if you’re running your own business – what can you do to make sure your material stands out and grabs the attention of a potential client, even if it ends up in a large pile of other materials?

Photography Business Stationery Advice | The Go-Getter’s Guide To ...

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There’s good news! If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to be different, and the same goes for your business stationery. This is why we advise our client to avoid using cheap templates found online. How is your letterhead, for example, supposed to stand out from a pile if it looks just like every other letterhead in a potential client’s desk drawer? You may think you’re saving a few bucks by downloading a cheap template and using it for your stationery items, but what you’re actually doing is robbing yourself of opportunity to stand out and leave a memorable, lasting impression on potential clients.

Focus On What Truly Matters | Photography Business Stationery Advice

Making sure your business stationery is vitally important if you’re hoping to stand out. However, make sure you’re not standing out for all the wrong reasons! Most beginners and amateur designers will keep adding unnecessary elements to make sure their items stand out, and while the item will technically speaking stand out, it’s more than likely to be at the expense of functionality. Remember, the ultimate purpose of your stationery is to deliver a message. A cluttered design is likely to overshadow the content, which is the reason why you’re sending the item in the first place. A simple design, on the other hand, will push the content front and center, where it belongs.

Show Your Colors | Photography Business Stationery Advice

Whenever we design a logo for a client, we put together a short document with all the colors and fonts we used for the logo. This document oftentimes serves as the basic branding guidelines, defining the color scheme and the style of graphics that should be used throughout all the materials. Needless to say, including your brand’s color in your stationery items is a smart move for several reasons. First, the color can help the design stand out more and grab the attention of your potential clients and business partners.

When used right, color can also guide the attention of the reader, emphasize the important areas, and break the content into easily digestible chunks. And lastly, the color will ensure consistency throughout your materials, reinforcing your brand image and turning it into a memorable visual experience. The goal is to have a package of stationery items that look and feel like they came from the same source and are able to accurately represent your brand and everything you stand for.

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Photography Business Stationery Advice | The Go-Getter’s Guide To ...

Include Plenty Of White Space | Photography Business Stationery Advice

White space doesn’t necessarily have to white – it’s a term referring to blank space in design. Now, your first reaction might be to cram as much information in each item as possible. After all, you’re paying for this, so better make use of every inch of available space, right? This is a bad idea, as you might end up cluttering the design and overwhelming your readers. Instead, use space to break the content into smaller chunks and emphasize the important details. Remember, the more white space around a piece of content there is, the more it stands out.

Photography Business Stationery Advice | Website Design –

Invest In Good Paper Stock | Photography Business Stationery Advice

In addition to the actual design of your stationery, you’ll need to pay attention to another crucial element – paper stock! No matter how appealing your stationery is, it will never leave a good impression unless you invest high quality paper stock. Thicker paper feels more luxurious, and it will help you leave an impression of a successful and reliable venture. What will paper that gets torn or dented easily tell your clients about the quality of the services and products you’re providing?

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