Photography Business Stationery Hacks | Four Sizzling Tips To Build The Baddest Photography Brand Using Business Stationery

Photography Business Stationery Hacks | Four Sizzling Tips To Build The ...

Photography Business Stationery Hacks | It’s safe to say we live in a digital age – whether we’re looking to do some shopping, researching, studying, or we want to reach out to a high-school friend we haven’t talked to in years, or even do business, we can do it all online! Need to contact a client? They’re just an email away. Want to let your potential clients know about a discount? You can share it on social media. It’s no wonder that so many photographers out there mistakenly believe that business stationery is a relic of a long gone era.

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Business owners that choose not to invest in business stationery tend to do so mostly because they fail to understand one thing – when done right, business stationery can be a lot more than a simple communication tool. It can help you reinforce your brand identity, leave a great impression, and establish yourself as a reliable, experienced industry leader. To help you get more out of this seemingly trivial tool, we put together some of our favorite tips and trick we use whenever designing a stationery package for a client.

Why “Good Enough” Isn’t Always Good Enough | Photography Business Stationery Hacks

There are many cheap packages you can find online that do the job – after all, they all have generic business cards you can paste your details into and letterheads that have plenty of blank space so you can write your message. However, majority of these packages have been designed by amateurs or beginners, and have all the telltale signs of amateur design. Considering your stationery items will oftentimes be the very first contact potential clients have with your business, can you really afford to cut corners on your first impression?

Photography Business Stationery Hacks | Four Sizzling Tips To Build The ...

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The design of these cheap templates usually tends to be very generic, and it’s done purposefully so as many business owners would buy them. As a result, they fail to accurately represent the brand and engage the intended audience. Think of your stationery items as your foot soldiers representing you and your business long after the meeting, and make sure the impression they leave are up to the standards of your brand. So, what can you do to ensure that? There are actually quite a few things you’ll want to keep in mind!

Define Your Branding Guidelines | Photography Business Stationery Hacks

Just like each business is unique in its own way, so are the needs of each business unique, so it doesn’t mean a certain business stationery package will work for you, just because works for one photographer in your area. Take some time to determine which items you’ll need and find a designer that will help you create those items. Don’t order random stationery package off of the Internet, unless you want to end up with a bunch of stationery items lying around your office unused.

Now, there’s one thing all great stationery packages have in common, regardless how many items it includes – the items need to be a cohesive unit, not just random stationery items thrown together. In order to achieve the consistency throughout the items, write your brand’s styling guide: clearly define the color scheme typical for your brand, as well as fonts and style of graphics, and use them through and through. The goal is to make sure if someone laid all the items next to each other on a desk, they would look and feel like they came from the same source.

Don’t Overdo It | Photography Business Stationery Hacks

We all receive dozens of business cards and other stationery items each week, so your goal should be a design that stands out, even if your stationery items end up in a pile of other items. One of the easiest ways to do just that is by adding some color. Not only can color ensure consistency throughout your materials, but it can also help you convey a particular message, set the tone of your message, and even affect the potential client’s decision to hire you. However, keep in mind that the primary purpose of business stationery is to deliver your message, so make sure the color doesn’t end up overshadowing your message.

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Photography Business Stationery Hacks | Four Sizzling Tips To Build The ...

At the end of the day, even the most appealing business card won’t do you any good if potential clients can’t read your phone number because of a busy design, or if the design overwhelms them. To avoid this, you’ll want to limit the number of colors you use to 2-3. Not only will it keep the design simple, but it will also keep the printing cost under control. You’ll also want to use plenty of white space, especially around the important areas you want to stand out. Remember, the more important something is, the more white space it warrants.

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Don’t Cut Corners On Paper | Photography Business Stationery Hacks

You may have the most beautifully designed stationery items, but if you print them on the cheapest paper stock, it will be a wasted investment. Think about it – what will a business card that gets torn or dented easily tell your potential clients about the quality of the services or products you’re offering? Remember, thicker paper tends to feel more luxurious, so if you’re trying to leave an impression of an established business, you’ll definitely want to invest in the best paper your budget allows.

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