Photography Client Testimonials | The Photographer’s Guide To Getting Powerful Testimonials That Convince Even The Most Skeptical Prospects

Photography Client Testimonials | The Photographer's Guide To Getting

Photography Client Testimonials | One of the most effective pages on your website is your testimonials page. Great testimonials tell potential clients that your photography business is not only legit, but awesome enough that other people are actually recommending it. Having testimonials and good reviews can help get your potential clients to at least consider hiring you. Meanwhile, good reviews on platforms such as Google Maps or Yelp can motivate web users to click to learn more about what you have to offer and how it’s different from what your competitors are doing.

Photography Client Testimonials | Website Design –

Testimonials are the most effective form of social proof, which let your potential clients see that, there are people out there who have hired you and are happy with the results; so happy, in fact, that they want other people to know about your photography business. At the end of the day, testimonials are stories. And stories have power and grace, flow and rhythm. Look around and you’ll see none of that in majority of testimonials and online reviews. So how do you get outstanding testimonials? And how do you use them effectively? Let’s find out!

How To Get More Testimonials? | Photography Client Testimonials

Want to know the best way to increase the number of testimonials and online reviews for your photography business? Just ask. You don’t want to be pushy, but after you’ve delivered a service or product, it makes sense to ask your clients if they’d like to review it. Your clients understand how important reviews are to running a business, and as long as you provide an excellent service, they will gladly write down a testimonial. Let them know that you take their opinions seriously and that you check that feedback regularly.

Photography Client Testimonials | The Photographer's Guide To Getting

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Make It Simple | Photography Client Testimonials

If you want your clients to leave an online review on Yelp or Google Maps, and not necessarily on your website, make sure it is easy, simple and quick for them to do it. Ideally, go through the steps of submitting a review yourself, or even better, do it with a key client and note the process thoroughly (ideally with screen shots) so you understand the process and can show others how to do it.

“What Specific Feature Did You Like Most About Our Service?” | Photography Client Testimonials

If you ask the client to focus on the entire service, the answer gets “waffly.” That’s why you need them to focus on a single feature or benefit that they liked most. This brings out that one feature in explicit richness and detail, improving the effectiveness of the entire testimonial. In other words, the way you ask for a testimonial can be the difference between a generic testimonial and an amazing one. It takes a bit more work, but it’s worth doing right.

Respond Quickly To Bad Online Reviews | Photography Client Testimonials

Search for your name with and without adding “reviews” to find most of the public online reviews you already have. If you have some bad reviews popping up in the search results, decide if you should respond publicly or privately. Resist the temptation to defend your photography business, services, works, or employee, an approach that almost always makes things worse. The key is not to fire back at the unsatisfied client, but to figure out what the problem is and resolve it.

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Photography Client Testimonials | The Photographer's Guide To Getting

Put Testimonials On Pages Important In The Conversion Process | Photography Client Testimonials

If you really want to use testimonials to convince potential clients to hire you, you need to place them strategically where they can find them. Don’t just put testimonials on a Testimonials page where many of your visitors may not see them. Feature one or two prominently on the important pages people typically visit as they are learning about your business and services. Once they leave your portfolio website, you are never getting them back again. Home pages, the ‘About page’, sidebar widgets, and within the content of pages are the ideal areas to place your testimonials, just don’t overdo it.

Photography Client Testimonials | Website Design –

Reward (But Don’t Buy) Reviews | Photography Client Testimonials

Sometimes even your most satisfied clients will need an extra nudge to take time out of their busy schedule to write a testimonial. Offering a small incentive is a great way to show your appreciation. Consider offering your clients one free 16×20″ print (only costs you a few dollars) if they decide to write up a quick testimonial of their experience with you so you can post it on the blog and then have them share that post with their Facebook friends. You just need to make sure your offer is for writing a review, and not for writing a good review.

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