Photography Industry Essentials | What Does It Take To Start A Photography Business? (Spoiler Alert: It’s Not Just Talent)

Photography Industry Essentials | What Does It Take To Start A Photo

Photography Industry Essentials | Photography industry is becoming one of the most saturated industries of our time – with professional equipment becoming more affordable than ever and easier to operate than ever, it’s no wonder so many people decide to jump on the bandwagon and launch their own business. However, running a successful photography business requires quite a lot more than just raw talent.

Photography Industry Essentials | Website Design –

Don’t get us wrong, talent is one of the most important assets that will propel your business forward. Yet, we’ve all seen countless amateurs take the leap, but ultimately fail miserably at running their own business, regardless of the talent they might or might not have. So, what’s the secret of success? It’s not actually that difficult – all you need to do is hit the ground running.

Have A Business Plan | Photography Industry Essentials

You can read as many tips and tricks online, but when it comes to navigating the rough waters of entrepreneurship, nothing beats a well-written business plan. The last thing you want to improvise when push comes to shove – and writing a business plan will keep you prepared for unexpected expenses, busy seasons or even dry spells. Pretty much everything will count down the road, so make sure you think your plan through and revisit it every six-twelve months to check if you’re on the right path.

iPhones Are Great, But Professional Equipment Is Still Vital | Photography Industry Essentials

While having a professional camera doesn’t make you a photographer, it doesn’t mean you should get the best your budget allows. This will be the most important investment, so make sure you do your research and get the right equipment needed for your particular area of expertise. You’ll also want to make sure you get enough backup equipment so you don’t get caught unprepared during a shoot. Even new equipment fails or gets stolen, after all!

Photography Industry Essentials | What Does It Take To Start A Photo

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Speaking of equipment, computers and software are oftentimes overlooked by photographers until the moment they actually need a computer powerful enough to edit large files. You’ll also want to have plenty of memory cards lying around, as well as USB sticks, CDs and professional lightning equipment.

Stock Up On Personalized Stationery | Photography Industry Essentials

Will you be mailing prints to your clients? Or perhaps you prefer delivering them on USB sticks, or even sending them online? Either way you go, you’ll want to make sure all of your communication is done in a professional and favorable manner. Best way to do that is by using custom stationery items: from personalized email templates and customized USB stickers to tried and tested letterhead and business cards. Think about it: photographers typically heavily rely on word of mouth marketing and referrals, and handing out personalized business cards will help you stand out and secure those potential gigs.

However, not all stationery items are created equal. Keep in mind that you’re building a brand here, which means you’ll want to make sure your stationery items look, feel, and sound like they all came from the same source. If you laid them all on a desk, would it be obvious that they’re coming from the same photographer? You can reinforce your brand by consistently using your logo, brand colors and even the same fonts throughout your stationery items.

Get An Insurance | Photography Industry Essentials

Photographers’ bags are packed with incredibly expensive equipment and thieves are well aware of that, which is why you need to make sure you’re insured from the day one against theft and damage. You’ll also want to check out insurance packages for photographers that will protect you against any liability claims.

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Photography Industry Essentials | What Does It Take To Start A Photo

Rock Your Portfolio Website | Photography Industry Essentials

You got the great imagery part of your future website covered, but what about other elements? What else will you need, in addition to your stunning pictures, to set up a website that not only appeals to your potential clients but also converts them into paying clients? First of all, you’ll want to cover your bases and feature the most important contact details throughout your website. We’ve been designing websites for photographers for years now, and we realized that visitors won’t try to hard to find the contact details if they’re buried several clicks away, which is exactly why we make sure we either set up a contact page, or feature contact details on every page.

You’ll also want to consider taking up blogging! A regularly updated blog will keep your visitors coming back for more, whether you’re sharing tips on better poses or keeping them up to date with the latest trends in your industry. However, having a blog on your website will give you a great chance to include the keywords you want to rank high for throughout your website and considerably improve your search engine rankings.

Photography Industry Essentials | Website Design –

Marketing Plan Can Be The Critical Difference Between Success And Failure | Photography Industry Essentials

No matter how talented you are or how expensive your equipment is, it won’t do you any good unless people actually know about you and the services you’re providing. This is why you need to kick off all of your marketing efforts by clearly defining your target audience. Once you’re sure whom you’re targeting, it will be a lot easier to figure out where and how to get on your ideal client’s radar. Then write down a schedule with the number of blog posts, social media updates and even newspaper ads you’re aiming for based on your ideal client and stick with it.

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