Photography Industry Secrets | Everything You Need To Know About Starting A Photography Business

Photography Industry Secrets | Everything You Need To Know About ...

Photography Industry Secrets | If you have some creative photography chops, you might want to open your own business. You’re not the only one, though. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people across the country take a leap of faith and start their own business. And with that comes the challenge every photographer needs to tackle when they launch a business – figuring out how to stand out from the crowd of other photographers in their niche or their particular area. The good news – it’s not as difficult as many marketing agencies would have you believe.

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The bad news is that many beginners never make it through the startup stage. Why? Because most photographers wholeheartedly believe that talent alone is enough to turn a passion for photography into a sustainable photography business. While talent is important, it will only get you so far! We’ve all seen countless talented photographers fail at running a business, and other less talented photographers sailing right by. If you’re craving to enter the biz game, but aren’t sure which rule book to follow to ensure business success, we’ve got a real treat for you! We gathered some of the most important guidelines for new photographers just starting out in the industry!

Start Building Your Brand Right Off The Bat | Photography Industry Secrets

While building a solid brand takes consistent effort and dedication, you can kick off the entire endeavor by thinking about the name of your business. You can either use your own name, or come up with a completely unique name. If you choose the latter, you’ll need to keep in mind, though, that you’ll want to come up with a name you’ll be comfortable using for years to come, because changing the name later on will do more damage to your brand that good: it will alienate your existing clients and only confuse your potential clients.

Photography Industry Secrets | Everything You Need To Know About ...

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Once you come up with a name for your business, you’ll want to have a logo designed for your business. There are three types of logos out there: iconic, typographic and a combination of the two. Iconic logos use only a graphical element, such as Twitter’s logo. There are logos that only use the name of the business, such as IBM. You should consider either a combination of the two or a typographic logo. Your logo will represent your business, and you want to make sure your potential clients can actually read the name of your business. No matter how stunning the graphic is, if your potential clients can read the name of your business, they will never remember you!

Write Down A Business Plan | Photography Industry Secrets

Every business owner will tell you than in order to achieve your business goals, you’ll need to write them down! By clearly defining your goals, you’ll have a much better idea what needs to be done in order to achieve them, and you’ll be able to keep track of your progress, instead of wandering aimlessly. The more details you cover, the easier it will be down the road – so take some time to sort everything out instead of scribbling down a few ideas while watching the latest episode of How To Get Away With Murder. This vital document will answer questions such as how you’re going to fun your business until you start making profits, how you’ll cover equipment costs and other expenses, as well as who your ideal client is and how you’re going to reach them.

Choose An Area Of Specialization | Photography Industry Secrets

In the early days there is little option but to take every job going, even if you are not so familiar with the subject matter or conditions. You say yes to any inquiry that comes your way for any budget. However, choosing a particular area of specialization will help you stand out in a crowded market and distinguish yourself among other photographers. This will also help you figure out what equipment you’ll need, how to market your services and get in front of your ideal client.

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Photography Industry Secrets | Everything You Need To Know About ...

Come Up With A Pricing Plan | Photography Industry Secrets

Many photographers are not sure just how much to charge for their services, especially if they’re just starting out, so they let the potential client set the term in order to book the session. While this might sound like a good idea at first, it’s always better to have a starting point when a potential client approaches you than to leave it up to them to decide. At the end of the day, if you don’t know your own worth, how is anyone else supposed to know? Keep in mind, though, that for each hour spent shooting, you’ll have to spend additional two-three hours editing if you don’t outsource it, so count that into your price as well!

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Building A Portfolio Builds Credibility | Photography Industry Secrets

To charge a professional fee for your photography, you will need to convince potential clients that you have the skill and experience to deliver the job. To do this it’s vital that you have a professional-looking portfolio. Just make sure you don’t mistake it for a cloud storage – instead, choose only the best examples of your work that showcase not only your skills, but also your area of expertise and your unique creative vision. A well-structured portfolio will help you leave an impression of an experienced, reliable industry expert with great attention to detail.

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