Photography Logo Advice | Put A Face To Your Business Name! 6 Tips For A Photography Logo Design That Works

Photography Logo Advice | Put A Face To Your Business ...

Photography Logo Advice | There are thousands of competitive photographers out there who need to offer their services in a unique way in order to stand out from their competition and get work from clients. So if you are a photographer who wishes to do well and make a name for yourself, then, besides quality work, you have to come up with a sound marketing strategy as well. Having the right logo designed is a vital part of your marketing strategy if you want to be taken seriously as a creative professional photographer. You need to make a strong statement and leave a positive impression on your potential clients.

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Your potential clients will be looking for services of photographers who carry experience and expertise, and they can get such an impression by taking a single look at your photography business logo. There are thousands of people in the logo design industry today dishing out poorly designed logos in bulk. How do you as a serious professional stand out from the crowd and create a quality logo that actually does its job?

Make It Unique | Photography Logo Advice

The logo you design for your photography business should be a unique piece of work. A unique logo gives identity to your business and boosts memorability. People can recognize your business just as they see your logo. While it can be helpful to look at logos that your competitors are using (or even people in the same niche), this should never be used as a guide to creating your logo. The idea here is to be different than your competitors, and to stand out in a saturated marketplace for all the right reasons.

Photography Logo Advice | Put A Face To Your Business ...

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Avoid Abstraction, Use Your Company Name | Photography Logo Advice

Even though some abstract logos look stunning, avoid such logos for your photography business and instead use your business name, as too much abstraction can work against you. If the logo is too obscure, the message that you are trying to convey will be lost, and so will your potential client. A new business should never rely on only a symbol for representation. A lot of marketing and advertising must be done before that symbol becomes well known (think Starbucks, Apple, Mercedes, and many other successful brands). By including your company name, you let the viewers and clients know who you are. This means that the logo becomes a tool to advertise your company name.

Consider Your Target Audience | Photography Logo Advice

Naturally, you want to like your logo. On the other hand, keep in mind that your logo is to appeal to your target audience, and should be created with them in mind. Write down what your brand is about, who your ideal client is and what kind of aesthetics and imagery they would be attracted to. If you’re in the business of high fashion photography, create a logo that communicates the level of professionalism, elegance, and style expected by potential clients. Forget about humor or the cute factor for these types of businesses.

Color Is Vitally Important | Photography Logo Advice

One of the most important considerations for logo design is the color palette. This is not a superficial decision, because color carries meanings and communicates ideas. Whether you use a two spot color, or four color process, it will greatly affect any reproduction costs in the future. While not vital in the initial design phases, your choice of color will have a ripple effect throughout all you company’s ‘look-and-feel’ material and is a decision that should not be taken lightly in the final stages of the design process.

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Photography Logo Advice | Put A Face To Your Business ...

Find The Right Font | Photography Logo Advice

Make sure that the fonts are legible. This is vitally important. A legible font will make sure that potential clients can read text on your logo from a good distance. Pay attention to the style of your font as well. Think how silly it would feel for an edgy fashion photographer to have a Comic Sans font as their logo. Apply that same font type to the flirtatious lifestyle photographer, and it just may work. If you decide to use two fonts for contrast, choose two from the same font family. Fonts that vary too much may evoke competing emotions in those viewing the logo.

Photography Logo Advice | Website Design –

Repeat It | Photography Logo Advice

Display your logo everywhere. Every piece of paper that leaves your office from invoices to letters and business cards should showcase your logo. Use your new logo until you’re sick of it. And then use it some some more. In fact, that’s a pretty good rule of thumb – at the point you’re getting sick of your logo (and you’ll be tempted to change it) it’s just starting to get some traction.

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