Photography Logo Design 101 | The Photographer’s Guide To The Five Essential Elements Of Effective Logo Design

Photography Logo Design 101 | The Photographer's Guide To The Five...

Photography Logo Design 101 | Designing a logo can be one of the most enjoyable parts of building a photography brand. Or it can be a living nightmare! Without the basic knowledge of logo design, you might end up spending hours working on a logo that not only is not effective but actually does more damage to your business than good. It’s the face of your business, after all, and it will represent everything you stand for. In order to be effective, it needs to appeal to your potential clients, communicate the nature of your brand and easily adapt to pretty much any material. A lot to ask from such a small graphic, right?

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Maybe, but it’s far from being impossible. Even though the logo will oftentimes play the second fiddle to your imagery, it is still the backbone of your brand that will tie together all of your materials, both online and off. Yet, you’d be amazed just how many photographers decide to cut corners and use a cheap template they found online that has all the telltale signs of generic design or leave their logo in the hands of an “artsy” neighbor. The good news is that designing a logo that will boost your business doesn’t have to be difficult – if you pay attention to these five things all iconic logos have in common!

Appropriateness | Photography Logo Design 101

When designing a logo for your business, you need to try and look beyond your personal preferences and keep your target audience in mind. If you’re hoping to grab the attention of mature, conservative audience, having a bold, grungy logo won’t do you any good. Take some time to clearly define your target audience if you haven’t already, and figure out what would appeal to them. Colors, fonts, and even the shapes determine just how appealing your logo will be, so leave no stone unturned and make sure every element of your logo is working for you.

Photography Logo Design 101 | The Photographer's Guide To The Five...

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Simplicity | Photography Logo Design 101

The benefits of a simple logo are pretty much endless. Needless to say, simple logos are a lot easier to remember, which is your ultimate goal, at the end of the day. In other words, if your potential clients can’t remember your logo, it’s a wasted investment. However, simple logos are also a lot easier to use. Think about it – a complex logo might look absolutely stunning on your computer screen, but what happens when you scale it down to fit on your business card? Will the details be just as clear, or will the logo turn into an unrecognizable smudge?

Usability | Photography Logo Design 101

In addition to simplicity, there are other things that can affect the usability of your logo. For example, the file format you use can make or break your logo, so every time we design a logo for a client, we use vector files. Unlike raster images, vectors will allow you to scale your logo to pretty much any size without affecting the quality, whereas raster images will turn into a pixelated mess after a certain point.

You’ll also want to pay attention to colors. If you rely on a particular color to convey a message, you’ll need to find a way to communicate the same message even when the color is removed. And lastly, you’ll need to pay attention to readability. Your logo represents your business and it should help your potential clients remember you easier – this can only happen if they can read the name of your photography business.

Uniqueness | Photography Logo Design 101

We live in a world painted with logos, and we learned to filter most of them to the point that we no longer notice the majority of the logos we see on a daily basis. Photography is a really saturated industry, so you want your logo to stand out from the sea of identities, and standing out means being different. So, when sketching your ideas, take a look at what’s already out there and find an opening for something new.

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Photography Logo Design 101 | The Photographer's Guide To The Five...

How is your logo supposed to grab the attention of your target audience if you used the template many other photographers are using for their logos? The last thing you want from your logo is to have it mistaken for a logo of a competitor, so come up with a unique idea that will differentiate you in your market and break the barrier your potential clients have built to filter out cheap sales messages and generic logos.

Timelessness | Photography Logo Design 101

Don’t be tempted to make your logo too trendy – keep in mind that trends come and go, and you might end up with a logo that feels outdated sooner than you think. Instead, go for a design that will last as long as your business. In other words, an effective logo is timeless. Will yours stand the test of time? Will it still be effective in 10, 20 or 50 years? Drastically changing your logo every year or so can actually do more damage than good, because it will alienate your existing clients and confuse potential ones. Of course, small tweaks here and there are expected, as long as the basic look and feel remain the same.

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The most important part of deciding on a logo is to make sure that you feel it represents what you want to communicate about your brand to your potential clients. Remember, there will be many times when your logo will be the voice of your business before potential clients even consider visiting your website to check out your portfolio – make it work in your favor.

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