Photography Logo Design Basics | Logo Design Tips Every Photographer Should Know, But Doesn’t

Photography Logo Design Basics | Logo Design Tips Ever...

Photography Logo Design Basics | Creating a logo is never as simple as pasting the name of your business next to a random shape and calling it a day. You as a photographer are a part of an incredibly creative industry, and every aspect of your business identity should show that – especially your logo. While it will play the second fiddle to your images, it will still be the face of your business: from business cards and marketing materials to your images, it will be featured pretty much on every piece of paper that leaves your office and throughout your communication with your potential clients. In other words, you need to make sure you get a logo that leaves a favorable impression and communicates the nature of your brand.

Photography Logo Design Basics | Website Design –

We live in a world where you can purchase a ridiculously cheap logo template online, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to do it! If you’re using a generic design that many other photographers in your niche or in your particular area are already using, what will that say about the products and services you’re providing? All the iconic logos have originality in common, but there are also other things you’ll want to keep in mind when designing your logo!

Know Yourself | Photography Logo Design Basics

Designing a logo that works for you starts with getting to know your business, so before you sit down and start sketching, ask yourself – what is your business all about? Who is your target audience? What’s the reason your potential clients should choose you over other photographers in your area? Once you figure out the answers to these questions, you need to find a way to communicate them with your logo! At the end of the day, your logo needs to appeal to your ideal client and communicate your message effectively, otherwise it’s a wasted investment – no matter how pretty it is.

Photography Logo Design Basics | Logo Design Tips Ever...

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Simplicity Isn’t Optional | Photography Logo Design Basics

The logo should represent your business, sure, but don’t expect it to tell your entire story. It’s an emblem, not a manifesto! At the end of the day, your logo should be simple enough to be used on various materials and stay effective whether it’s being used as a roadside billboard or a Twitter avatar. If you create a complex design, chances are, it won’t be as effective when scaled down to fit your business card. Simple logos will not only be a lot easier to print, but will actually be a lot easier for your potential clients to remember.

Another thing that will greatly affect the simplicity and versatility of your logo are the colors you use. Colors are a great way to make your logo stand out and grab a potential client’s attention, sure, but you need to make sure it’s not for all the wrong reasons. The color you choose to use for your logo need to work well together and represent the nature of your brand. However, if your logo relies on color to communicate a particular message, you will need to find a way to communicate the same message just as effectively even when the color is removed – whether you’re using a black and white version of your logo as a watermark, or you’re faxing a document to a potential client.

Aim For A Timeless Design | Photography Logo Design Basics

While staying up to date with the latest logo design trends is a great idea, what’s more important is coming up with a logo that’s a true representation of your brand. Just like the fashion industry, the logo design industry keeps growing and evolving with new trends coming and going, but your goal should be a logo that will stay relevant for years to come. Ask yourself, will your logo be just as effective 10, 20, even 30 years down the road? That’s the mark of a great design! Changing your logo radically too often will only confuse your potential clients and alienate the existing ones.

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Photography Logo Design Basics | Logo Design Tips Ever...

Make Your Logo Readable | Photography Logo Design Basics

The point of having a logo is to make sure your potential clients remember your business, which is a lot harder to achieve if your logo is only an abstract design, especially if you’re just starting out. Sure, Starbucks and Twitter are using only the graphic element to represent their businesses, but keep in mind that they both used the names of their businesses up to recently – Twitter dropped the textual element only a few years ago. Before a business can even consider representing itself with a symbol, tons of money need to be spent on marketing and branding efforts, which you probably can’t afford straight from the gate.

Just like with the colors, you need to pay special attention to the fonts you’re using for your logo. Hey, we get it, we all have that one calligraphic font we absolutely love and adore, but you need to find a font for your logo that’s actually easy to read in any size and color combination, but also perfectly matches the nature of your brand.

Photography Logo Design Basics | Website Design –

Sounds Complicated? It Doesn’t Have To Be | Photography Logo Design Basics

Feeling confused yet? While coming up with a perfect logo can sound overwhelmingly complicated – it really doesn’t have to be if you cover you bases before you start sketching. First, you’ll want to define your business and your audience and then figure out what works best for both sides. Then it’s all about making sure your logo works well on any material and in any size.

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