Introducing Our Latest Photography Logo Design Project: Chauntel Desiree Photography Logo

Introducing Our Latest Photography Logo Design Project: ...

We are incredibly proud to introduce our latest photography logo design project we did with Chauntel Desiree, an Orlando based photographer. The entire process went smoothly and was really enjoyable, thanks to Chauntel’s extensive input and amazing feedback which enabled us to design just the right logo to convey her entire brand.

Photography Logo Design Project | Website Design –

Crafting A Truly Unique Experience | Photography Logo Design Project

When Chauntel came to us, she already had a logo she was using for her website, but she wanted to start fresh with a logo designed from scratch, telling us in one of her first emails “Please do not use or think my current logo or my website is what I want. I just created something really quick in Photoshop and used the template on the web page to just have something for right now.” Chauntel also told us she liked the idea of using her initials for the logo design with a classy, feminine touch.

Introducing Our Latest Photography Logo Design Project: ...

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Designing A Unique Logo | Photography Logo Design Project

Working on a photography logo design project is always exciting and fun, simply because we get to work with some of the most talented business owners and artists. With such a seemingly simple graphic comes a great responsibility of crafting something outstanding, creative, yet truly unique that will appeal to people, be memorable and timeless. With the help of Chauntel’s input, we designed a logo that portrays her brand, her style, and her business to her existing and potential clients.

Timeless Symbol Of A Growing Business | Photography Logo Design Project

Creating a logo that’s unique and true to a brand may sound contradictory to creating a simple and memorable logo, yet with Chauntel’s logo, we believe we managed to do just that, without having to overdo the design. Instead of simply slapping the initials next to a random clip-art of a camera, we were aiming to design a logo that would stay relevant and appealing no matter how many years pass by intertwining the letters in a compelling, yet simple and memorable way.

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Introducing Our Latest Photography Logo Design Project: ...

We didn’t stop there. In order to drive the point home and create a sophisticated logo with a sleek and feminine twist, we added custom ornaments that look stunning regardless of the size of the logo, and we started with a black version first, which gives Chauntel the freedom to adapt her new logo to the medium by choosing the right color and size for each occasion. What we ended up with is a unique, simple, yet memorable and versatile logo that effectively portrays the elegant and sophisticated style of Chauntel’s photography.

Photography Logo Design Project | Website Design –

Testimonial | Photography Logo Design Project

“I am so in love with my logo! I have gotten sooo many compliments. It just fits so well! When people comment about it they use words to describe it that I sent to you guys for my initial consultation. To me that means a lot because they get it. I cannot say enough. You guys will definitely be my go to company.”

– Chauntel Desiree, photographer

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