Photography Logo Explained | What Makes A Good Photography Logo?

Photography Logo Explained | What Makes A Good Photography Logo?

Photography Logo Explained | Unless you’ve spent your entire life under a rock somewhere, you’ve seen thousands of logos so far. In fact, we see so many logos on a daily basis that we’ve learned to filter them out, noticing only a few logos that really stand out. Think about all the logos you see around your home before you even leave for work – from the logo on your phone, coffee machine, to the toothpaste and shower gel – you’ve learned to ignore most of them in order to keep your sanity. However, as a business owner, you need to make sure your logo is one of those that stand out and grab the attention. Not sure how? We can help!

Photography Logo Explained | Website Design –

We wanted to help you get off on the right foot and supercharge your creativity, so we gathered some of the simplest, yet ridiculously effective logo design tips that will guide you throughout the design process. Whether you’re designing your own logo, or having it designed by a professional, we’re sure you’ll find something new and useful in today’s post. Wondering what it takes to come up with an effective logo and why you can’t really do it during a lunch break? Read on to find out!

Don’t Make It Hard For Your Clients! | Photography Logo Explained

The ultimate goal of your business is to help existing and potential clients remember your business and what you can do for them – and the best way to make it impossible for them to do it is by not including the name of your business. Sure, there are companies that are using a simple graphic for their logo – but keep in mind that companies such as Starbucks and Twitter spent billions of dollars on marketing and branding before they were able to drop the name from their logo. If you’re just starting out in the industry, we’re assuming you can’t afford that kind of marketing (just yet!), so make sure you include the name of your business in your logo.

Photography Logo Explained | What Makes A Good Photography Logo?

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Be Original! | Photography Logo Explained

The very first thing you’ll need to make sure is that your logo is unique! It’s alright to take a look at what’s already out there, but your job is to find an opening for something new and come up with a different logo that stands out. After all, the last thing you need from your logo is to have it mistaken for that of a competitor. The best way to come up with a unique design is to fill a page or two with rough sketches – remember, the first ideas are almost always the most obvious ones that everyone thinks of.

Keep It Simple! | Photography Logo Explained

Anyone can make a logo that’s unique by adding countless new elements – however, the art of logo design is creating a unique logo without cluttering the design. There are many reasons why you should stick with a simple design: first of all, simple logos are a lot more versatile and can be scaled to pretty much any size without losing details, but they are also a lot easier to remember. At the end of the day, the goal of having a logo is to help your potential and existing clients remember your business, so make sure your logo is simple enough to stick in their minds.

Make Sure It Works In Black And White! | Photography Logo Explained

Color is an amazing tool when it comes to design – it can help your design stand out, but it can also communicate a particular message and evoke an emotional response. There are certain downsides we warn our clients about when we design a logo for them – the more color you use, the more expensive printing will be. But not only that; relying solely on color to communicate a message is a bad idea, since your logo will be used in a myriad of ways and on countless different materials, some of which will have serious production limitations.

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Photography Logo Explained | What Makes A Good Photography Logo?

For example, if you’re faxing a contract to your potential client, your logo will have to be versatile enough to communicate the same message even when the color is removed. Now, to ensure your logo is an adaptive piece of art, design it in black and white, and only when you’re completely satisfied with the overall look and feel, add your brand’s colors to give it that extra punch.

Aim For Timelessness! | Photography Logo Explained

Staying up to date with the latest design trends is a good idea; however, keep in mind that staying true to the overarching brand personality is far more important than having a trendy logo. Leave trends to the fashion industry – Trends come and go, and when you’re talking about changing a pair of jeans, or buying a new dress, that’s fine, but where your brand identity is concerned, longevity is key. You’ll want a logo that will last for 10, 20, even 50 years, with only minor tweaks down the road. Changing your logo radically will only alienate your existing clients and confuse the potential ones.

Photography Logo Explained | Website Design –

Use It! | Photography Logo Explained

This might sound like an obvious advice, but you’d be surprised how many photographers out there have a brand new logo designed and then hand out business cards that feature their old logo. Once you finish working on your new logo, go through all of your printed materials and check out your online presence to see where you need to replace the logo. Consistent use of the logo will boost brand awareness and help your potential clients remember it a lot easier.

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