Photography Marketing Collateral Advice | Hey, You! Try These Design Tips For Marketing Collateral That Packs A Punch And Grabs The Attention!

Photography Marketing Collateral Advice | Hey, You! Try These ...

Photography Marketing Collateral Advice | We mentioned the importance of having a solid marketing strategy in a recent post, especially if you’re just starting out. The competition is fierce, and we don’t mean Beyonce-dropping-a-surprise-album kind of fierce, so your ability to stand out from the crowd of other photographers is likely to be the critical difference between success and failure. While many photographers do realize the importance of a good marketing strategy, you’d still be amazed just how many of them completely overlook one of the vital aspects of every marketing strategy – their marketing collateral!

Photography Marketing Collateral Advice | Website Design –

Marketing collateral is defined as a collection of materials used to support sales of a product or service – everything from flyers to roadside billboards. Even though technological advancements have caused quite a shift towards online communication in the recent 10-15 years, and marketing efforts followed suit, traditional marketing collateral isn’t dead. In fact, it still has a very important role to play. Not convinced? Read on to find out why you should care and how to get your marketing collateral right.

Print’s Not Dead | Photography Marketing Collateral Advice

Even though online communication is pretty much instant, so you can reach a much wider audience a lot quicker, there’s still plenty to be said about print! Have you noticed how many fewer magazines and print newsletters you are getting in the mail these days? At the end of the day, you’re more likely to pay attention to print than hundreds of spam emails in your inbox. There are other benefits of print as well – for example, your potential clients are will not only take printed communication that more seriously, but will also hold onto the materials a lot longer than they would keep an email in their inbox.

Photography Marketing Collateral Advice | Hey, You! Try These ...

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Experience That Engages All Senses | Photography Marketing Collateral Advice

Perhaps the most important benefit of print media is tangibility. Among the reasons why many people prefer print is to do with the feel of the paper, having it in their hands means that the content is real, it exists. It’s a real, tangible, physical link between you and your client, so you need to pay attention to every detail – including the paper stock and the quality of the materials you’re using. Your clients will definitely notice the difference between the cheap office paper and thicker, more luxurious paper stock, which will make or break your first impression. Think about it – what will a business card that gets dented (or worse, torn) easily say about the quality of the services and products you’re offering?

Reinforce Your Brand | Photography Marketing Collateral Advice

The primary purpose of marketing collateral is to deliver your content, yet it can be used to achieve so much more if you’re willing to put in some extra effort. They do say that the extra mile is never crowded, so if you’re hoping to build a brand that stands out from the crowd, your marketing collateral might be just the ideal tool for that.

In order to reinforce your visual identity and boost exposure, you’ll want to make sure all the materials you use to engage potential and existing clients are an accurate representation of your brand – whether by using the same color scheme throughout your materials, similar graphics, the same fonts, or all of the above. The goal here is to create a cohesive system, so that all your materials look, feel, and sound like they came from the same source. This will turn your brand into a memorable visual experience, which will make a potential client that more likely to hire you instead of another photographer in your area.

Bridge Your Offline And Online Marketing | Photography Marketing Collateral Advice

Just because the print has been around for centuries, it doesn’t mean the technological advancements haven’t affected the way we design materials for print. For example, one of the latest additions are NFC codes. You can implement them into your business card, and unlike QR codes which you had to scan with a special app, NFC tiles allow you to tap your NFC-enabled phone against the card and save the contact details automatically. Of course, you can add other actions as well, such as opening your portfolio website, or a secret page only people with your business card can access.

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Photography Marketing Collateral Advice | Hey, You! Try These ...

Readability Is Paramount | Photography Marketing Collateral Advice

Considering your message is the bare essence of your marketing materials, you’ll want to make sure it’s communicated clearly and effectively, so the first thing to keep in mind is the readability. Even the most unique design of marketing materials won’t do you much good if your potential and existing clients can’t read your message. The choice of fonts is vitally important here – sure, we all have that intricate calligraphic font we love, but if it’s difficult to read, you should really reconsider using it. Instead, choose a simple font that can be read at a single glance.

Photography Marketing Collateral Advice | Website Design –

Of course, you’ll also need to pay attention to the font size as well. In order to save the valuable real estate, many inexperienced designers will shrink down the size of text to fit more information, which might sound like a great idea at first, until you actually print the materials. Even though small fonts might look acceptable on your computer screen, they are likely to turn into illegible smudge when printed, so never go below 8 points when it comes to printed materials, especially when it comes to the important pieces of information.

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