Photography Marketing Collateral Ideas | 5 Design Tips To Make Your Marketing Collateral Stand Out In 2016

Photography Marketing Collateral Ideas | 5 Design Tips To Make Your...

Photography Marketing Collateral Ideas | It’s easy to overlook the importance and the sheer power of printed marketing collateral, especially in the era of emails, social media, and PDF files, when you can reach your client almost instantly. What many photographers fail to understand, though, is that marketing collateral they use to promote their services and products can do much more than effectively deliver the intended message. When done right, marketing collateral can reinforce your brand, boost awareness, and convey your unique creative vision.

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Not all marketing collateral for photographers is created equal, though. From clumsy DIY marketing materials to cheap templates that have all the telltale signs of amateur design, we’ve all seen countless photographers using collateral items that made us wonder what the heck they were thinking about. This is good news for you – since most photography marketing collateral out there has been poorly designed, you’ll have a much better chance of standing out and grabbing the attention of your potential clients if you get yours right. To help you do just that, we hand-picked five essential photography marketing collateral ideas.

Design Is A Silent Ambassador Of Your Brand | Photography Marketing Collateral Ideas

One of our favorite quotes we live by each time we design marketing collateral for a client is by Paul Rand, the designer behind some of the most iconic logos, including the logos for IBM, UPS, Enron, Inc., ABC, and NeXT: Design is a silent ambassador of your brand. It’s your job to make sure that each item you use to engage your potential and existing clients accurately represents your brand. This will help turn your brand into a memorable visual experience and make it easier on your potential clients to remember your brand.

Photography Marketing Collateral Ideas | 5 Design Tips To Make Your...

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This can be done in several different ways, all of which come down to the same thing – using the same brand elements through and through, whether it’s a particular color scheme, set of fonts, style of graphics, or even certain brand-oriented words. Whenever we design a logo for a client, we advise them to clearly define their branding guidelines to ensure consistency throughout their materials. This is especially important if you’re hiring a professional designer or an agency to handle the design of your marketing collateral, as they’ll have a much better idea what will work for you, even if they haven’t been too familiar with your brand before you approached them.

Don’t Deliver A Product – Deliver An Experience! | Photography Marketing Collateral Ideas

Standing out is all about going the extra mile, and the good news is that it’s never crowded there. Sure, you can upload the photos of your clients to a cloud and email them with a link. However, imagine if they were to receive a personalized box in your brand colors with their photos on a custom USB drive with your logo featured on it and a thank you note! Not only will you appear a lot more professional, but most of your clients won’t be able to resist the urge to snap a photo of the package and brag about it on social networks, which is essentially free, yet incredibly effective marketing.

Quality Is The Best Business Plan | Photography Marketing Collateral Ideas

Seemingly small details such as paper quality can oftentimes make or break your marketing collateral. Your potential clients are tactile beings, and they will definitely notice the difference between cheap paper and thicker, more luxurious stock, whether they’re holding a brochure, a letter, or a business card. Think about it, what will a business card that gets torn or dented easily say about the quality of the products and services you’re providing? You want your photography business to appear reliable, professional, and reputable, which means you need to have the highest quality paper and printing your budget allows.

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Photography Marketing Collateral Ideas | 5 Design Tips To Make Your...

Think Outside The Box | Photography Marketing Collateral Ideas

There are other ways to boost the effectiveness of your marketing collateral, spark interest, and make it stand out from even the largest pile. For example, by including a QR code on your brochure and telling the reader they’ll get a 10% discount if they scan it and book a session will increase your chances of getting hired. The best thing about the QR codes is that they can be customized to match your other brand elements, which will make them perfectly fit your marketing collateral. If you’re not particularly fond of QR codes, you can also consider including a near field communication chip. Most modern phones are equipped with NFC, and the chips can be tucked away inside your business card and other collateral items, so they’re not as intrusive as QR codes.

Photography Marketing Collateral Ideas | Website Design –

Don’t Follow The Pack! | Photography Marketing Collateral Ideas

There are countless marketing collateral templates online, and many small business owners, not just photographers, are using them without even really thinking about the consequences. Saved money is made money, right? Well, not really, especially when it comes to your marketing collateral. These templates are cheap for a reason – they’re oftentimes designed by amateurs trying to make a buck, and they’re purposefully made generic as to fit as many brands as possible, which means they will never accurately represent your brand. Even if you do manage to find a good template, chances are it’s being used by other photographers as well, which might only cause confusion. The last thing you want is to have your collateral mistaken for collateral of another photographer, so it’s your best bet to go fully custom!

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