Photography Marketing Strategies | The Photographer’s Behind-The-Lens Guide To Marketing, Sales, And Everything In Between

Photography Marketing Strategies | The Photographer's Behind

Photography Marketing Strategies | Many great photographers that can take stunning pictures decide to launch a photography business, but only end up struggling to make ends meet. The reason they struggle to make ends meet is the fact that running a successful photography business takes more than stunning shots or a great portfolio. You have to get your name and your pictures in front of your potential clients, event planners, even editors and other marketing professionals who commission photography.

Photography Marketing Strategies | Website Design –

In today’s highly saturated photography industry, it may not be enough to take stunning pictures and hope your phone starts ringing off the hook. However, there’s good news: promoting your photography business and the services you’re providing does not have to be expensive or exhausting. If you’re thinking of taking your passion for photography a few steps further into launching your own photography business, we have a few crucial tips and secrets you should know before jumping in blindly.

Identify Your Ideal Client | Photography Marketing Strategies

Marketing doesn’t just happen. Marketing takes consistent, focused effort. However, before doing any marketing at all, it’s vitally important that you clearly define the ideal client you want to work with. Without understanding what your potential clients like, hate, where they hang out and everything else you can possibly find out about them, you will never be able to market to them well. Pick a niche market that you are passionate about and you’ll realize that it’ll do two things for you. Number one, it will get you focused on what you have to do or what goals you need to achieve. The second thing it will do is make marketing your business a whole bunch easier and more enjoyable.

Photography Marketing Strategies | The Photographer's Behind

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Beef Up Your Portfolio | Photography Marketing Strategies

Being able to showcase best examples of your work is incredibly important for getting those new gigs. With the addition of your contact information and links to other websites such as social network profiles, you’ve got yourself a platform which will be the first port of call for potential clients. They’ll be able to search for you themselves, without needing any initial interaction. Remember, clients will always want to see proof of your skills and style so they can be sure they will be getting their money’s worth. After you’ve created your business plan and know what kind of audience you’re targeting, the portfolio website you set up should be directed to that market.

Develop A Marketing Plan | Photography Marketing Strategies

We all know that even most talented photographers have to do a lot of marketing in order to stay afloat in the ever competitive photography industry. But how do you actually turn your humble social presence into an effective mechanism for generating clients and sales? You need a game plan. Every successful photographer will tell you the same thing: in order to succeed, you have to write down all your ideas and define your target audience, your goals, and the best ways to accomplish those goals. This document will act as your guide down the road, keeping you on the right track even when you get distracted or discouraged.

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Photography Marketing Strategies | The Photographer's Behind

Create A Blog And Update It Often! | Photography Marketing Strategies

A blog is your own place to communicate you! Write about funny situations you encountered during shoots and share anecdotes from your personal life you know will appeal to your target audience. It’s been said countless times, a website is like a brochure, while a blog is like a conversation. In other words, your blog should be geared toward the client who hasn’t hired you yet, so don’t make your blog just another place for uploading your work. Instead write informative, helpful posts with tricks and tips for your potential clients. Remember, a photographer holds a great deal of trust. A blog can help build that trust between you and your clients as they get to know you.

Photography Marketing Strategies | Website Design –

Is Your Ideal Client On Facebook? Twitter? Google+? Be There! | Photography Marketing Strategies

You don’t have to be as sociable as other people, but it’s a real shame to let your photography business ride when social networks give you such wide opportunities to engage other people, including your potential clients, and get on their radar. For most photographers, Facebook is the most likely place where an ideal client is spending time. Don’t just put your personal stuff on there, show off your latest work as well. It’s free and great exposure for your business. Twitter and Google+ tend to attract more business owners. So if you mostly do photography for other businesses instead of for the general public, then those two might be a better place to focus your time.

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