Photography Marketing Strategy | How To Take Your Photography Marketing From Bad To Great Without Running Ragged

Photography Marketing Strategy | How To Take Your Photography Market

Photography Marketing Strategy | One of the most difficult challenges on your way to becoming a professional photographer and making money from doing what you love will be figuring out how to get new clients. When running a photography business, taking the pictures can feel like the easiest part of the process. However, marketing does not have to be overwhelming or expensive either, but it does have to be creative and effective in order to get your potential clients to hire you out of all the other photographers in your area.

Photography Marketing Strategy | Website Design –

Being able to promote the services you’re providing and attract new clients is an absolutely vital part of running a business. The process is no different for professional and freelance photographers, so we gathered a few of the most effective ways to help you reach out to the vast number of potential clients. Whether you’ve just hit the market or simply want to expand your client base, there’s a chance that there’s something new in here that could boost your marketing efforts.

Have Clients Recruit Their Friends | Photography Marketing Strategy

Word of mouth advertising is one of the most powerful things you can have for growing your business. One way to help encourage that is to reward your clients for telling their friends about your business and how awesome you are. Offer a service or product that doesn’t cost too much but has a high perceived value as a referral reward. Offering a free gift or a small discount to people who find two or three friends to all schedule sessions on the same day can be a great reason for people to find others to hire you as well.

Photography Marketing Strategy | How To Take Your Photography Market

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Network with Other Professionals | Photography Marketing Strategy

Building relationships with other professionals can be incredibly valuable. It’s amazing how loyal business owners can be towards each other when you really hit if off. All you have to do is promote their businesses to your clients, and they’ll be sure to return the favor. For example, you can approach a clothing store and offer them a free session with their latest collection in exchange for giving your business card to every client. Moreover, your watermark will be on the images with clothes which will also make people remember you.

Take Social Networking Seriously | Photography Marketing Strategy

One of the critical steps when marketing is reaching out to people on a level that they use, know and feel comfortable with and at the moment. The most commonly used examples of this would be Facebook and Twitter. Social media only requires about 10-20 minutes per day, and you will begin seeing your reputation grow. Why should you want to get on social networks when you already have a portfolio website? Because that’s where your clients are, and it’s another opportunity to connect with them in a fun, social way.

Optimize Your Website For Search Engines | Photography Marketing Strategy

Search engine optimization is not as complicated as it may sound at first. If you have a blog, it’s easy to get started. All you do is include keywords in text, meta tags and image captions that will help your potential clients find you. When uploading your images to your website, remember to use the ALT tag fields to describe your images, and make sure to use the keywords you want to rank for.

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Photography Marketing Strategy | How To Take Your Photography Market

Create A Blog And Update It Often | Photography Marketing Strategy

A photographer holds a great deal of trust, and providing information to your clients can help build that trust and establish you you as an authority about the subject. For example, wedding photographers could publish a series on their blog with tips for brides for having better wedding photography, whereas portrait photographers may post about what to wear to a session. Google also likes websites that have fresh content on a regular basis, so try to blog at least once a week to boost your search engine rankings.

Photography Marketing Strategy | Website Design –

Start Building An Email List Right Away | Photography Marketing Strategy

The beauty of the email list is that your newsletter subscribers already like your work enough to give you their email address. They want to hear about your business and about the services you are offering. If you’re writing about things on your blog that they’re interested in and you tell them via email, they’ll come check it out. In fact, they’ll see the email as a service to them because they won’t have to keep checking your website for updates.

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