Photography Marketing Tips | The 5 Most Important Ingredients Of An Effective Marketing Strategy

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Photography Marketing Tips | Marketing is often one of the most challenging elements of running a business, even for many experienced photographers. Needless to say, photographers that are just starting out in the industry find it overwhelming and even too expensive to handle. However, marketing doesn’t have to be exhausting, and it doesn’t have to break your budget. What it does have to be, however, is creative and focused if you’re hoping to stand out from the crowd of other photographers in your area and your particular niche.

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There are endless ways and tools to promote a photography business in this day and age, and while some might require an investment, there are others even photographers on a shoestring budget can afford. The secret of success isn’t necessarily having an unlimited budget, nor working harder. Sometimes, working smarter is more than enough to do the trick! Whether you’re an experienced pro, or an absolute beginner about to launch your business for the very first time, we’ve gathered some of the most important areas you’ll want to focus on this year to help you stand out and book yourself solid!

Know Your Ideal Client | Photography Marketing Tips

It’s vitally important that you know your ideal client, because there’s no area of your business, not just your marketing strategy, that won’t be affected by your target audience. From the actual content, to the overall look and feel of your marketing materials will vary considerably depending on your ideal client – you’ll send out a newsletter to brides-to-be that’s completely different from the newsletter you would send out if your target audience were high-school seniors.

Photography Marketing Tips | The 5 Most Important Ingredients Of An...

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Don’t think you know what appeals to your ideal client – know who they are in terms of gender, age, location, even finances, and figure out what appeals to that particular demographic. By knowing who your ideal client is and what they love — especially those things that don’t relate to photography at all — you can more easily appeal to them and draw in their business.

Set Up A Website That Appeals To Your Target Audience | Photography Marketing Tips

Many features, as well as the overall design of your website will be affected by your target audience. For example, if your ideal client is a male in his thirties, including a Pin It button won’t do you much good. Your task is to figure out what your potential clients will be looking for and give it to them, without overwhelming your visitors with too many elements and features they’ll never use. Your website is your virtual storefront – it needs to showcase your work and provide your potential clients with all the relevant contact details they need the moment they decide to pick up the phone and schedule a session.

In order to take it a step further and make the most of your website, you’ll want to include a blog. Blogging on a regular basis comes with incredible benefits – it will boost your search engine rankings, because it will give you an opportunity to use your target keywords in an organic way, which will translate into more traffic and visitors. However, it will also keep your potential clients keeping back for more if the content is unique and interesting. And lastly, it will give you unique content to share on social media. Which brings us to our next point!

You Can’t Afford To Ignore Social Media Anymore | Photography Marketing Tips

Social media is much more than a platform to connect with your friends and family and post funny cat videos (even though we all love those silly cats!) – it’s a powerful marketing tool that can propel your business forward. Your potential clients are already out there, which means you need to figure out which networks they’re using and find a way to get on their radars. Keep in mind that it’s more than an advertising channel – you can’t just bombard your potential clients with sales messages. Instead, you’ll want to become a part of the ongoing conversation, share tips, tricks, and anecdotes you have behind the camera to establish a reputation of a relatable industry expert.

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Photography Marketing Tips | The 5 Most Important Ingredients Of An...

Take Advantage Of Cross-Marketing | Photography Marketing Tips

Cross-marketing is partnering up with another business in order to help each other with marketing. While your initial reaction might be “Why would other business owners want to help?” we’re not talking about businesses that are providing competing services. Instead, you should consider approaching businesses like event planners, wedding organizers, caterers, venue owners and offer a couple of free shots of their product in exchange for referrals. You’d be amazed how loyal business owners can be to each other once they really hit it off, so get yourself out there and make connections with the right people.

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Offer Referral Bonuses To Your Clients As Well | Photography Marketing Tips

Other business owners are not the only ones that appreciate referral bonuses. People love free stuff, and your clients are no exception. While many satisfied will sing praises about you and the services you’re providing, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing else you can do to take it a step further. Consider offering a gift to every client that brings a new client in – something with high perceived value that doesn’t cost you too much, like a free print, interesting thank-you card or a discount on their next session.

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