Photography Portfolio Design | Secrets Of A Successful Portfolio: What To Do, And What Not To Do

Photography Portfolio Design | Secrets Of A Successful Por...

Photography Portfolio Design | For professional photographers, having a portfolio website is vital, because it’s one of the best ways to get new projects and clients. A well-designed portfolio website is all about promoting you and your services. You are a brand, and your name is a brand name. No one is going to know about your business unless you get it out there; and if you’re a photographer, designer, or any other type of creative, then it’s crucial that you have an effective portfolio website.

Photography Portfolio Design | Website Design –

How you showcase all previous work is vital to landing any new assignments in the future, simply because people want to see the best examples of your work before hiring you. However, the idea of designing a website can leave many bewildered. What are the latest design trends to watch out for? What colors should you choose? How much text should there be on every page? In today’s post, we’re going to share some design tips for building a powerful portfolio of your photography work. Not only will this help out your career, but it will certainly give you a boost in confidence knowing your work is showcased so eloquently online.

The Portfolio As An Art Piece | Photography Portfolio Design

If you want to be taken seriously as a professional, you cannot simply collect all previous works under one website and call it a portfolio. Potential clients will be judging your talent and skills not only by viewing works that appear on the portfolio website, but also by the aesthetic and overall flow of the portfolio. You want your potential clients to feel that your website layout is truly your own and that it conveys your own personality and artistic style. It’s important that your portfolio website shows off who you are and what you do: by designing an original website you’ll make sure that it comes to mind when people are searching for your services.

Photography Portfolio Design | Secrets Of A Successful Por...

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Have A Clear Logo And Tagline | Photography Portfolio Design

Your logo is your brand; your tagline is who you are. In the short-attention-span internet age, you have to be able to grab attention and answer the question “why?” incredibly quickly. In the Western world, we read from left to right, top to bottom, so it makes sense to place your logo in the top left of your website so that visitors can instantly identify who owns the website. Once the visitor figures out who owns the website, they’ll want to know what it is you do. Your tagline should be short and snappy, summarizing what you do.

Selection Of Your Best Work | Photography Portfolio Design

Take the time to look at all of your work and carefully choose the right pieces for your portfolio. This is a personal portfolio website after all, so your portfolio will affect whether the website is interesting or not. People will want to see your previous work to decide whether you’re good or not and for general interest, to see what you’ve been up to in the past. Don’t just show off one or two pieces on the front page and then make it almost impossible to find the rest of your work. Make sure that the link to your work is the most dominant thing your visitors will see when they land on your homepage.

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Photography Portfolio Design | Secrets Of A Successful Por...

Don’t Forget About Testimonials | Photography Portfolio Design

By all means let your clients write a statement about your services, and what doing business with you was like. Why should anyone just take your word for how amazing you are? Direct quotes from your clients act as reviews of your services and can be published on your portfolio website. This is something a lot of designers and photographers overlook, but testimonials can go a long way toward making potential clients feel more comfortable reaching out to you. Not only do they want to know that you’re competent in your field, they also want to know that you can meet deadlines and aren’t a bear to work with.

Photography Portfolio Design | Website Design –

Contact | Photography Portfolio Design

This is one of the most vital elements of a portfolio website but is often hidden or even left out. A potential client has browsed your website, is impressed with your portfolio and can see who you are. Now they want to hire you. Make it easy for them to contact you by including your contact information in the footer of every page. You could also use a contact form if you’d like to make it slightly more convenient for the person wanting to send you a message. Using a web form can also give structure to the information being sent to you.

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