Photography Portfolio Expert Tips | Discover The Art Of Designing Effective Photography Websites!

Photography Portfolio Expert Tips | Discover The Art Of Designing Effect...

Photography Portfolio Expert Tips | If you’re serious about turning your passion for photography into a profitable business, setting up a website should definitely be one of your top priorities. Your website will oftentimes be the first contact a potential client has with you and your photography business, and if it doesn’t make a great impression on your target audience, you’ll end up losing more potential clients than you think. If you don’t have a website at all, potential clients will do a quick Google search and assume you’re out of business if they don’t find anything. In other words, your portfolio website can be the critical difference between success and failure.

Photography Portfolio Expert Tips | Website Design –

According to Google, there are almost a million photography websites out there, which makes standing out from the crowd one of the most important challenges you’ll need to tackle. The good news, however, is that majority of those websites are absolutely terrible. This means that, with the right guidance, a few tips and industry secrets, and just a pinch of creativity, you can easily stand out online and grab the attention of your target audience. To help you start building killer online presence, we put together some of our favorite tips we use whenever we set up a website for a photographer just like you. Let’s dive right in!

Showcase Your Creativity | Photography Portfolio Expert Tips

Photography is one of the most creative industries, and every aspect of your business needs to showcase your creative vision and unique style. Needless to say, this goes for your website as well. Yet, you’d be amazed just how many photographers out there decide to cut corners and use cheap web templates for their portfolio websites. What they don’t seem to understand is that these cheap templates are mostly designed and developed by amateurs and beginners. As a result, they have all the telltale signs of cheap design, and are very limited when it comes to the features.

Photography Portfolio Expert Tips | Discover The Art Of Designing Effect...

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Now, we’re not saying that absolutely all templates are terrible. There are some pretty decent templates out there, but even if you’re lucky enough to stumble upon a good one, chances are it’s already being used by many other business owners, and perhaps even by some photographers in your area. Think about it: how is your website supposed to stand out from the crowd if it looks just like many other websites already out there? If you’re serious about your photography business, you’ll want to set up a unique website that not only showcases your work, but accurately represents your brand as well.

Focus On Your Work | Photography Portfolio Expert Tips

You want your website is unique and that it stands out – but make sure it doesn’t stand out for all the wrong reasons. Most inexperienced designers will keep adding design elements and special effects to make sure the website is unique. What they end up with, however, is a website that overshadows the work they’re trying to showcase. A simple design, on the other hand, will push your work front and center, where it belongs. Not only will a cluttered website overshadow your work, but it will also overwhelm and confuse your visitors, which will make them that much more likely to give up and abandon your website altogether.

Declutter Your Portfolio Section | Photography Portfolio Expert Tips

This is your portfolio website we’re talking about, so it only makes sense to upload as many examples of your work as possible. Except, it doesn’t make sense. Don’t mistake your website for cloud storage! Go through your work and select only the very best examples of your unique visual style, creative vision, and talents. Your potential clients don’t need to see every photo you ever took, nor do they need to see examples of work outside your area of specialization. Are you a newborn photographer? Upload 15-20 best examples of newborn photography! Too many photos will only make your portfolio feel as if it’s dragging on and on.

Simplify Navigation | Photography Portfolio Expert Tips

One of the most important elements of your website is the navigation bar. It’s the backbone of the entire website, helping your potential clients get from one place to another. It’s only natural you’re tempted to include as many links as possible, but unlike what you think, this won’t increase the chances of your visitors clicking more and sticking around longer. In fact, faced with too many options, they might feel overwhelmed and experience choice paralysis. To avoid this, narrow down your selection to 5-8 links and tuck away all the other links in the secondary navigation, such as sidebars, or in the footer of the appropriate pages.

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Photography Portfolio Expert Tips | Discover The Art Of Designing Effect...

Update Your Website On A Regular Basis | Photography Portfolio Expert Tips

Photographers are notorious for updating their websites once in a blue moon, which can negatively affect the website itself. Think about it: once a visitor goes through your portfolio, there’s no reason for them to keep coming back, which means they’ll forget about you by the time they need your services. But you can’t really add a dozen of new photos each week, so what can you do to keep visitors coming back for more? You can set up a blog.

Photography Portfolio Expert Tips | Website Design –

Most photographers aren’t sure what to blog about – which is more of an excuse, and a bad one at that. You can share tips and tricks to give your potential clients a better idea of what to expect during a shoot, how to pose, what to wear, and even share a personal post every now and then to let your potential clients get to know the person behind the camera.

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