Photography Portfolio SEO | Stand Out, Get Discovered And Get Yourself Booked Solid!

Photography Portfolio SEO | Stand Out, Get Discovered And Get Your...

Photography Portfolio SEO | We live in an online era, and if you take your business seriously, you need to set up a website to market the products and services you’re providing. Photography business, of course, are no exception. Google tells us that there are almost one million photography websites on the web right now, and with that comes the challenge of standing out. At the end of the day, even the most appealing website won’t do you any good unless potential clients actually visit it.

Photography Portfolio SEO | Website Design –

Many photographers mistakenly believe that search engine optimization, or SEO, is reserved for large corporations. However, all businesses, no matter the size, can benefit from having a solid online presence and good search engine rankings. And the best part, there are things you can do to get your website noticed by Google, contrary to what many agencies that specialize in search engine optimization would have you believe. Read on to find out what you can do today to launch your photography website into Google stardom!

What Makes Google Tick? | Photography Portfolio SEO

Google tirelessly indexes all the websites on the web, analyzing the text on each and every page available, almost completely ignoring videos and pictures. Then, when a user types in a search term, it ranks the pages that have the term the user searched for. This is where the search engine optimization comes in – it can be the difference between a visitor clicking the link to your website, or to your competitor’s.

Photography Portfolio SEO | Stand Out, Get Discovered And Get Your...

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Photography websites are notorious for the lack of text, and with that comes the challenge of including enough keywords to get noticed by Google. However, there are still ways you can include the keywords organically throughout your website. But to get there, you’ll need to figure out which keywords you want to use.

What’s The Best Way To Find The Right Keywords? | Photography Portfolio SEO

When choosing your main keywords, you need to think like your potential clients and target audience, not like a photographer. For example, portrait photography is a term used by photographers on a regular basis, but it’s not a term your average client will use. Instead, they’ll probably search for “family photographer.” To make your keyword even more effective, throw the name of your city or region in there and you’ll have a much better chance of attracting visitors to your website. When everything else fails, consider using one of the many keyword planning tools, such as Google’s AdWords.

Start Using Your Keywords | Photography Portfolio SEO

Once you determine your target keywords, it’s time to start using them throughout the website. If you have a blog set up, you’re already halfway there! A blog is a great opportunity to use your target keywords in a natural way on a regular basis. This way, you won’t turn off your visitors by stuffing your keyword even where it doesn’t belong, and you’ll make Google happy.

Another place where you can include your target keyword are the page titles. You can spread out the keywords you’re targeting throughout your page titles, and use them in the meta description of each page, as well as in the page content itself. And most importantly, make sure you optimize each and every picture you upload to your website. If you use your target keywords in the ALT description of the pictures on your website, they’ll have a better chance of popping up in Google image results.

Build A Solid Social Media Presence | Photography Portfolio SEO

Social networks are fun! But more importantly, social networks can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool when used right. Set up profiles for your photography business on all the major networks you think your potential clients are using, and get on their radars. Share tips and tricks, talk about the funny situations you have during shoots, and share your blog posts. This will help you not only build a reputation of an industry expert, but will also drive traffic to your website. And this leads us to our next trick!

Every Link Counts! | Photography Portfolio SEO

Google is ranking websites based on many different criteria, but one of the most important ones are definitely links. The more influential websites pointing your way are, the better rankings you’ll get, so find a way to get on the industry leaders’ radars. Consider reaching out to them and offering to write a guest blog post for free if they agree to feature a link to your website at the end of the article. Not only will their visitors end up visiting your website, but Google will also see your website as reliable and trustworthy, giving it better rankings.

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Photography Portfolio SEO | Stand Out, Get Discovered And Get Your...

Mobile Is King | Photography Portfolio SEO

Thanks to the technological advancements and the price drops, pretty much everyone has a smartphone nowadays, and it’s only a matter of days when the number of mobile users surpasses the number of people using desktop computers to access the internet. So many people are using mobile devices, in fact, that even Google tweaked their algorithms to give better rankings to websites that have been optimized for mobile devices.

Photography Portfolio SEO | Website Design –

But it’s not just Google that will appreciate a mobile-friendly website. Your visitors will have a much better experience on their smartphones and tablets if your website has been optimized for seamless performance across all devices, which in turn will affect your bottom line and help you grow your business.

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