Photography Portfolio Tips | Design To Impress: Features Every Photography Website Needs

Photography Portfolio Tips | Design To Impress: Features Eve...

Photography Portfolio Tips | Google tells us that there are almost one million photography websites on the internet right now. This is bad news for you. The great news is that most of these websites suck. A website is one of the most vital tools for any professional photographer, as it allows your work to be found through search engines, can be used as a very effective digital portfolio in a pinch, and is an excellent way to engage with your potential clients and fans of your work.

Photography Portfolio Tips | Website Design –

With smartphones having good cameras, and with all sorts of social media platforms focusing on sharing images, the internet is drowning in sepia-filtered photos of food and wacky cats. To help you rise above all the other photography websites, we made a list of important tips to design the best portfolio. Does your photography portfolio hit each of these points? If not, why not?

Consider Your Target Demographic | Photography Portfolio Tips

Your most important goal should be to connect with the client right away – this is achieved with branding and the overall look and style of the website, and the images that are carefully chosen to accomplish a task. Your portfolio needs to reflect your target clients, be it a couple looking for a wedding shoot, or an agency looking for a commercial shoot. If your portfolio gives off the wrong image, you won’t be able to attract any of the clients you want.

Photography Portfolio Tips | Design To Impress: Features Eve...

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Go Big Or Go Home | Photography Portfolio Tips

Some photographers are afraid to upload high quality images to their portfolio because they believe it increases the chances of unauthorized usage. Forget about this! When a potential client visits your website, they expect to see high resolution, professional looking images. So give them that! The old saying is true: “Your portfolio is only as good as your worst image.” Make sure there are no weak images in your portfolio. Although you may have a large collection of images you wish to share with your audience, try to limit your selection to the stronger pieces. Too many images in your portfolio can increase load times, and confuse the visitor with too many options.

Put Your Contact Info On Every Page | Photography Portfolio Tips

If the aim of your portfolio is to land you new projects, then make sure a client knows how to reach you, so you can actually get more work. The first thing a potential client wants to know when he enters your website is almost always: “where’s this guy located?”. The second being how much you charge. The easiest way is to include your contact details on every page of your website — including your portfolio.

Blog Often | Photography Portfolio Tips

It’s a pain in the neck, no doubt, but blogging has some huge benefits to your website, as it gets people coming back. Blogs are dynamic by nature, and give a breath of fresh air to any stale photography website. They’re also effective for SEO, and potential clients love them. The average portfolio on a photography website gets updated once every three months or so. With that being said, how do you expect to get repeat visitors, if you rarely add new and interesting content to your website?

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Photography Portfolio Tips | Design To Impress: Features Eve...

Tell The Visitors Where You Want Them To Go | Photography Portfolio Tips

People get overwhelmed easily and most people just want you to literally tell them what is important, and what you want them to look at. It sounds too simple to work, but it does. Make sure you link to vital content – the content you want them to look at. In order to achieve this, make the navigation as simple as possible. When it comes to creating a menu bar for your website with links to the different pages, DO NOT GET CREATIVE! Make the website dead easy to navigate.

Photography Portfolio Tips | Website Design –

Keep Things Simple, Clean, And Uncluttered | Photography Portfolio Tips

If people are constantly praising the design of your portfolio website, then you are probably doing something wrong. Your photos are supposed to be the star of the show, so don’t clutter it up with useless design elements. A slow loading time is one of the main reasons why people leave a website, and designing a cluttered website won’t do any favors to your website’s loading time. Search engines also dislike slow websites, it’s been proved that Google gives lower rankings to slow websites.

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