Photography Portfolio Website | How to Make an Awesome Portfolio Website

Photography Portfolio Website | How to Make an Awesome Portfolio...

Photography Portfolio Website | Your photography website’s design and layout are vital for the first impression of your visitors and potential customers. Especially for the viewers who don’t know you, your website is the first indication of your taste and style. Photographers have to work hard to determine a critical difference between their work and the work of others in their branch. Your online photography portfolio’s purpose is to either attract new customers or to simply make a presentation of your photos and images online. A web page allows your work to be found through searches, can be used as a great digital portfolio, and is an awesome way to interact with your potential customers and fans of your work. Most photographers know that without a web page, they aren’t taken seriously.

Photography Portfolio Website | Website Design –

Keep the Contrast High | Photography Portfolio Website

A web design is made of many different segments, each having varying levels of importance and some demanding prominence over others. Some segments share a relationship, while others are not related at all. The hardest part is being able to communicate this visually and effectively. This is where the principle of contrast comes in. For example, by presenting your pictures on different backgrounds, you are emphasizing the beauty of the photos thus making the best out of the contrast principles in design. Contrast is the difference between two or more segments. With contrast, a designer can create visual interest and point the attention of the user in the desired direction. Obvious examples of contrast are black and white, big and small, fast and slow, thick and thin. Opposites are the easiest way to grasp what contrast is, but when applying this principle to design work it’s never quite as black and white.

Photography Portfolio Website | How to Make an Awesome Portfolio...

The Size of Viewing Area | Photography Portfolio Website

When you visit a photography portfolio website, you expect to be able to see the pictures in full size if you click on them – and it would better be large. You want the pictures to look good and fit your screen if you would like to apply it as a desktop background. And not only this – but if you want to see all the details, you can’t do it adequately on a small picture. The trend of using large backgrounds is irresistible and this trend is not fading out anytime soon, so if you need an awesome modern website feel free to make use of it.

Order of Presentation | Photography Portfolio Website

Even if you select your best work, some of your photos simply have to stand out. Put those first and leave the other good ones for the next page. If you place your strongest images at the beginning of your portfolio, you will hit the viewer the hardest. It’s recommended to use both ends of the range, grab their attention right from the beginning and leave them something to remember at the end of your portfolio.

Photography Portfolio Website | How to Make an Awesome Portfolio...

Photography Portfolio Website | Website Design –

Transition Between Photos | Photography Portfolio Website

The transition between your images needs to be simple, fast and non-distracting. Soft blends or dissolves are fine. Wipes, smears, revolving boxes etc. interfere with your visitor’s tempo. It is also crucial that the time between one image and the next be minimal.
When you are a photographer, it is very important to have a platform where you can show clients your work. The focus has to be on your photos, not on content, while the normal way of designing, with the header, content box, sidebar and footer changes totally from a layout to another. The more inspired and original you can be, the better your website will be.

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