Photography Portfolio Website Guide | Learn How To Set Up A Portfolio That Packs A Punch And Beat Your Competition!

Photography Portfolio Website Guide | Learn How To Set Up A Port...

Photography Portfolio Website Guide | Everyone and their grandma seems to have a website nowadays, whether it’s the high-school girl next door blogging about her crush (hey, we’ve all been there, so don’t judge!) or a young and upcoming business owner trying to make it in the industry. There’s no denying that the Internet is becoming a crowded place, and standing out is becoming more and more challenging. While it is challenging, it’s not impossible – and you don’t need cheap tricks and gimmicks either.

Photography Portfolio Website Guide | Website Design –

The good news – most of the websites on the web suck! There, we said it! From the websites that take forever to load to the downright ugly ones that leave you asking “Why?!”, most of them leave plenty to be desired, which will make your job that easier. If you’re willing to work smarter, and not necessarily harder, you can set up a portfolio website for your photography website that stands out for all the right reasons and takes you one step closer to booking yourself solid. Not sure where to begin? We’ve got you covered! Read on to find out everything you need to know in order to set up a portfolio website that not only stands out, but actually does its job – gets you hired!

Photographers Have It Easy | Photography Portfolio Website Guide

We’re going to just say it – as complicated as web design may seem, photographers have it easy when it comes to at least one thing… images! While other business owners will have to struggle to find decent stock imagery that hasn’t been overused by pretty much every website out there, photographers already have ample supplies of the goods just lying around on disks and drives! So, go through all of your work and pick the examples that will showcase your unique style, artistic vision, as well as talents.

Photography Portfolio Website Guide | Learn How To Set Up A Port...

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However, don’t mistake your website for cloud storage – no one wants to see a dozen of variations of the same image. Instead, make sure you showcase a variety of images that will keep your visitor’s attention, amaze them, surprise them, or even shock them – got a shot of the bride in her wedding dress skydiving? Put it up and it might end up being the most shared image in your portfolio. Another thing you need to keep in mind is your area of specialization – there’s no point in including a shot of newlyweds you took at the beginning of your career if you’re hoping to do only high-end fashion shoots in the future.

Pitfall Numero Uno: Pretty Images = Painstakingly Slow Loading | Photography Portfolio Website Guide

While photographers have it easy when it comes to image selection, they are at risk of ending up with a website that takes forever to load. And let’s face it, no one likes to wait around for an image to load. This is why we advise our clients to select only the best examples of their works when we design websites for them. However, the selection isn’t the only thing that affects loading speed – you need to optimize the images before uploading them. Once we’re done tweaking the design of the website we create for our clients, we optimize each image for optimal speed so they don’t have to compromise between quality and the loading speed.

Yes, Less Really Is More! | Photography Portfolio Website Guide

Your images are not the only thing you need to whittle down. We get it, you’re a part of a ridiculously creative industry, and your website is surely the best place to showcase it, right? Well, not necessarily. Sure, your website needs to be unique in order to stand out, but setting up an overly flashy website with too many design elements might backfire: you’ll want your work to be the center of attention, not the distracting design. If your visitors can’t stop talking about the design, barely mentioning your images, you have a serious problem on your hand.

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Photography Portfolio Website Guide | Learn How To Set Up A Port...

Simple Navigation Is Paramount! | Photography Portfolio Website Guide

Arguably the worst place to showcase your creativity is your website’s navigation! People are used to certain things, and a navigation bar at the top of each page with the most important links is one of them – so give them just that. Keep the navigation as simple as possible, so your visitors can focus on your work, instead of trying to figure out how to get from one page to another. A complex navigation bar will only frustrate the visitor, costing you a potential client. If you’ve got a lot of links, consider adding secondary navigation, whether in the footer or a sidebar.

Photography Portfolio Website Guide | Website Design –

Dear Diary, White Space Is My New Best Friend | Photography Portfolio Website Guide

It’s not only what you include on your website that will make it or break it – it’s what you leave out that can have considerable effect as well! Inexperienced designers are usually tempted to fill out every pixel of the screen real estate, but using plenty of white space can bump up the effectiveness and add a touch of class. Just like museums use special lighting to emphasize works of art, you can use the white space to emphasize your own work of art. Remember, the more white space around an item there is, the easier it will be to spot, and more prominent it becomes. White space will also break your website into digestible chunks and allow the visitors to take in what they’ve just seen.

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