Photography Portfolio Website Ideas | Want To Book More Clients? Set Up A Photography Website That Packs A Punch

Photography Portfolio Website Ideas | Want To Book More Clients? ...

Photography Portfolio Website Ideas | The first website went online 25 years ago, and oh boy, have the things changed! But you don’t have to go 25 years back to notice the vast progress in the world of web design – if you visit a website set up 5 years ago, you’ll be amazed how far we’ve come. Not only did the overall look and feel of the average website change, but having a website set up is no longer reserved just for the most successful brands out there – pretty much anyone can have a website. And with that comes the challenge of standing out!

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There are almost one million photography websites on the web right now. Add even more social media profiles to the mix, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what you’re setting yourself up against. Standing out in the online chatter has never been more difficult with all the websites popping up, Facebook statuses and tweets being shared and blog posts being written, so what can you do to stand out in a world that won’t shut up? Trying to break the Internet, but not sure where to begin? We can help! Now, pour yourself a glass of champagne and read on!

Personalize Your About Page | Photography Portfolio Website Ideas

Here’s the deal with photographers – they hold a great deal of trust. Your average person has no idea what to expect during a shoot, how to pose, what to wear, and how to act. No matter how used to cameras on our iPhones we got, we still flinch in front of a professional shooter, which is why you need to make your clients feel as comfortable around you as possible. Not only will the pictures be that much better, but you’ll also have an incredibly satisfied client at the end of the session.

Photography Portfolio Website Ideas | Want To Book More Clients? ...

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You can start building this trust long before they decide to pick up the phone and book a session – by sharing bits and pieces about yourself and what appeals to you, as well as showing some personality, your potential clients will get a chance to get to know you a bit better, which will help them relax during their session. Don’t use your About page to list your education and experience; while those are important, so are other things, many of which won’t have anything to do with photography at all, but will let your potential clients get a sense of what you’re all about!

Go Big Or Go Home | Photography Portfolio Website Ideas

Your visitors are viewing your website for one reason – they’re interested in your imagery. They’re not there to view 300×300 images; instead, they want to see full-size images in the best quality possible, so give them what they want! Many photographers choose to scale down the images because they’re afraid of slowing down their website and having the images stolen. However, the technology has come a long way, so you don’t have to worry about a high-resolution image taking forever to load. And if you’re afraid someone might use your imagery without your permission, there’s a simple solution – watermark it!

Would A Drunk Person Know How To Use Your Website | Photography Portfolio Website Ideas

One of the last places you want to showcase your creativity is the navigation bar. People are used to seeing the bar with the most important links at the top of each page, so don’t get too creative. If your visitors have to focus on trying to figure out how to get from one place to another, they won’t be able to focus on your work – which will do more damage than you think! Make the website dead simple to use, so even a tipsy mom that got carried away with the wine while watching the latest episode of Girls can figure it out!

Make Contacting You Effortless | Photography Portfolio Website Ideas

We’ve been designing websites for photographers for over ten years now, and you’d be surprised just how many photographers forget the same thing – contact details. They get carried away with choosing the right pictures for the portfolio, writing the blog posts, and tweaking the overall look and feel that they never think about the next step after the visitor falls in love with the imagery. Keep in mind that your potential clients need to be able to access your contact details the moment they’re ready to pick up the phone and schedule a session.

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Photography Portfolio Website Ideas | Want To Book More Clients? ...

What’s most important? You’ll need to include your phone number and your email address in the footer or the header of each page. However, those are just the bare essentials. You’ll want to consider setting up a separate contact page with additional contact details, as well as your social media information and a contact form that will enable your potential clients to reach out to you without ever leaving your website!

Photography Portfolio Website Ideas | Website Design –

An Effective Portfolio Is A Regularly Updated Portfolio | Photography Portfolio Website Ideas

Even when you’re done setting up a portfolio website, your work is still not done. You’ll want to make sure you update it on a regular basis. This is important if you’re hoping to have solid search engine rankings, but it will also keep your potential clients and visitors coming back for more. It will also boost your chances of getting hired, because you’ll be showcasing the latest skills you learned, the changes in your approach and style of photography, keeping your portfolio current and up to date.

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