Photography SEO | Basic Rules To Optimize Your Photography Website For Search Engines

Photography SEO | Basic Rules To Optimize Your Photography Website For

Photography SEO | Does the mere mention of SEO send shivers down your spine? If so, you’re not the only one. SEO might get thrown around like a marketing-speak buzzword, but if you’re in the business of, well, almost anything, it’s something you really should be familiar with. Search engine optimization is necessary for just about any business. Still, many small business owners seem confused by what it means and what it actually does. Since this topic is so intimidating to many entrepreneurs, putting a little bit of effort into optimizing your website for search engines will give you the much needed competitive edge.

Photography SEO | Website Design –

Nowadays, chances are, a good chunk of your clients find you on the internet. So how do you make sure that out of the hundreds of photography websites out there in your niche, your potential clients pick you as the proverbial needle from the haystack? Showing up on the first page of search engine results can sound like an impossible task when just setting up a new website. However, these easy tips will help you on your way to getting more traffic and potential clients to your website by ranking higher in search engines.

How Google Works | Photography SEO

In a nutshell, Google looks for the keywords in webpage titles and text/images. The company’s search engine then orders the results of those pages by their importance (the number of quality links from other sources). It’s best to start by thinking about the keywords your potential clients might be searching for, and make sure they’re built into your website and heavily in use throughout your blog posts. If you don’t have your keywords set up, Google is not going to be able to make that connection between the potential clients and you.

Photography SEO | Basic Rules To Optimize Your Photography Website For

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What Are Long Tail Keywords? | Photography SEO

Most people hope to compete with the popular keywords like wedding photographer, landscape photographer, etc. These aren’t unobtainable but due to being so popular, you might be lucky to reach page 5 of the Google ranking, and as a result, only get a tiny percent of the inbound traffic. Long tail and more specific keywords naturally have less competition, which is why it’s a much better idea to base your keyword strategy off of the more specific terms as opposed to the generic ‘photographer’ alone.

Use Image Keywords Carefully | Photography SEO

It’s a necessity in general SEO for text-heavy websites, and it also applies to websites full of images. Make sure you include alt tags – these should describe your images, and, if you can, include a caption with each image – this should again be a short description of the image. When coming up with the description for your image files, you want to be as detailed as possible to rank for the long-tail keywords you’re targeting.

Promote Through Social Media | Photography SEO

There’s simply no ignoring Facebook or Twitter or any of the biggest social media networks out there when it comes to getting anything known nowadays. Create an account for your photography business on social networks, and share some pictures to give followers a peek of what your portfolio website is all about. Your social authority in terms of the number of followers, quality of followers and other details is calculated and thus those with high quality follower counts get considerably better ranking. This also includes links shared across Facebook which are marked as ‘Everyone’ which are treated similar to a Twitter retweet and also hold considerable weight.

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Photography SEO | Basic Rules To Optimize Your Photography Website For

A Compelling About Page Is Essential | Photography SEO

While the “About” page is a great place to include valuable content for search engines, it’s even more important for building trust with your potential clients (which in turn becomes an SEO signal). Although this page rarely shows up in search results on its own, it’s probably the second most visited page on any given website, with big SEO value, particularly if your photography website Homepage is more image-heavy (like a full-screen slideshow).

Photography SEO | Website Design –

Don’t Go Overboard With SEO | Photography SEO

Once you see the results of SEO it can be tempting to go overboard and pack every paragraph with keywords. But the key to good SEO is subtlety. Many people have tried to game the system, but they always get found out in the end. Relevant content still wins at the end of the day, and when your content is relevant for the phrases you want to rank for, your keywords will fall into place naturally.

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