Photography Startup Tricks | The Lazy Photographer’s Guide To Starting A Business

Photography Startup Tricks | The Lazy Photographer's Guide To Start...

Photography Startup Tricks | Let’s face it: there are a lot of people out there calling themselves photographers – they invest some cash in the equipment, set up a Facebook page and start offering their services for little or nothing in the hopes that they can “test the waters” before actually starting a legal photography business. Majority quits after a few months. But there are photographers that actually do manage to turn their passion for photography into a full-time job. What’s their secret? It’s simpler than you think!

Photography Startup Tricks | Website Design –

Talent alone and love for photography will get you only so far when it comes to running a successful business. What do you really need to launch a photography business the right way and get real, paying clients through the door right away? You need a plan! To help you sail right through the startup stage and avoid the pitfalls hidden along the way, we gathered some of the most important business tips that will guide you to success. Want to stand out from the crowd of other shooters and book yourself solid? Read on!

Don’t Be Jack Of All Trades | Photography Startup Tricks

Many photographers feel like they need to take on every potential client coming their way, which in theory sounds like a good idea. Hey, whatever gets your business off the ground, right? However, you’ll want to reconsider – by clearly defining your target audience as well as the services you’ll be providing, you’ll have a much better chance of standing out. “Everyone” is not an acceptable target audience, because your ideal client will affect pretty much every aspect of your business, not just the packages you’re providing.

Photography Startup Tricks | The Lazy Photographer's Guide To Start...

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Brand It | Photography Startup Tricks

The very first thing you’ll need to take care of when starting a business is figuring out the name! You can either use your own name if you already built some reputation, or you just love the sound of your name (hey, we’re not judging!), or you can come up with a completely unique name for your photography business. Keep in mind that you should choose something you can live with – because changing the name down the road can do more damage than good. You’ll also want to have a logo designed for your business. It will play the second fiddle to your work, for sure, but it’s still an important branding element that represents your business.

No One Will Take You Seriously If You Don’t Take Yourself Seriously | Photography Startup Tricks

Another common mistake most beginners make is avoiding the dreaded task of defining their prices. They’re not sure how much they should charge to stay competitive, or at least until they have a solid portfolio to justify higher prices. However, it’s always a lot better to have a starting point even if you have to lower the prices at the beginning to secure the gigs, instead of leaving it to your clients to set the terms. After all, if you don’t know your worth, how is anyone else supposed to know? One thing you need keep in mind, though, is that you’ll spend additional 2-3 hours editing images you take, so you’ll want to work that in your pricing as well.

Get The Right Equipment | Photography Startup Tricks

There’s no denying that the quality of the equipment you use will affect the quality of the images you take. I know – shocker! Yet, you’d be surprised how many photographers choose to spend their budgets on random things, and then use what’s left to get the equipment. This is definitely not the place to be cutting corners. Your area of specialization will affect the equipment you get as well, so make sure you don’t invest all of your money in the wrong lenses. Another mistake many beginners make is forgetting to invest in solid backup equipment. Keep in mind that even brand new equipment fails and you’ll want to be prepared for the worst!

Online Is The Place To Be | Photography Startup Tricks

They say that every woman needs a black dress and every man needs a black suit. We’d like to add to this old adage that every photographer needs a strong online presence! Long gone are the days when you could set up a website and sit back waiting for the phone to start ringing off the hook. Nowadays, you’ll have to work a bit harder than that! While having a simple, appealing, fast website is crucial, there are other aspects of online presence you’ll want to focus on.

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Photography Startup Tricks | The Lazy Photographer's Guide To Start...

First of all, you’ll want to focus on search engine optimization, or SEO. This is one of those tips that will not yield results over night, but can boost your business down the road if you start right away. There are countless photography websites already out there, and you need to make sure yours appears on the first page of Google search results every time someone searches the web for services you’re providing. If you don’t feel like tackling SEO, it will be worth your while hiring a reputable agency that will do it for you.

Photography Startup Tricks | Website Design –

As with any new business, you’ll have tons of ups and downs, but if you’re committed to your craft, willing to put in some extra effort in marketing your business, and work to give each client a great experience, you’ll earn a solid reputation as a go-to photographer in your area or your particular niche!

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