Photography Stationery Items | The 4 Dos And Don’ts Of Effective Photography Stationery Design

Photography Stationery Items | The 4 Dos And Don'ts Of Effective ...

Photography Stationery Items | Business stationery is one of the most neglected aspects of majority of marketing strategies in this day and age – and at first, it makes perfect sense: thanks to the Internet, you can reach out to both your existing and potential clients in a matter of minutes, whether on social media, via email, newsletter, or any of the countless messaging apps. However, there’s a certain sense of intimacy lost with digital communication that’s inherent to the printed materials. It’s exactly this intimacy that will foster (or at least boost) brand loyalty. While you technically speaking can run a photography business without any stationery, should you?

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All that being said, the only logical answer is a resounding “No!” However, you’d be amazed just how many photographers out there miss this critical marketing and branding opportunity that will not only boost brand loyalty, but also improve their reputation and help them grow their client base. However, not all stationery items are created equal. In fact, your stationery packet can end up doing more damage than good if you’re not careful. So, what can you do to ensure your stationery items work for your business just as hard as you do? Read on to find out!

Stay Away From Templates | Photography Stationery Items

One of the first things my grandma taught me was to be thrifty, saying that saved money is made money! I learned that, while true for the most part, this wasn’t true when it comes to branding. Getting one of the cheap templates available online might sound like a really clever idea at first, but when you think about it – it couldn’t be any further from the truth. These templates usually have all the telltale signs of amateur design, which can be devastating for your photography brand. What will cheap template tell your potential clients about the quality of the services and products you’re providing?

Photography Stationery Items | The 4 Dos And Don'ts Of Effective ...

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Not only are these templates designed very poorly, but they tend to be generic, and for good reason. Designers are trying to sell as many templates as possible, so in order to make sure they match majority of brands out there, they make the templates as generic as possible. As a result, they usually fail to fully embody any brand. Now, don’t get us wrong here, we don’t have anything against templates. However, even if you’re lucky enough to stumble upon a good template that matches your brand, chances are it’s already being used by many other business owners, some even in your area, and the last thing you want is to have your stationery mistaken for that of another photographer.

Reinforce Your Brand | Photography Stationery Items

Business stationery has one primary purpose – to deliver a message; however, when done right, business stationery can do much more than that. For example, it can be a really powerful branding tool. A recent study has found that the typical consumer needs to come into contact with a brand around 5-7 times in order to remember it, so you’ll want to make each item count by making sure they’re consistent and match all of your branded materials, both online and off, and the best way to ensure consistency throughout your materials is by setting up branding guidelines.

Each time we design a logo for a client, we put together a short branding guide to help them ensure that vitally important consistency. However, if your designer failed to provide you with the style guide, you can put it together on your own. Take a look at your logo and think about the elements you can use for your materials. For example, the color scheme in your logo can be used for your stationery items, throughout your website and other aspects of your online presence, and it will give all your materials a sense of familiarity and cohesiveness. Other elements include the fonts and the style of graphics used in your logo.

Don’t Overdo It | Photography Stationery Items

While including brand elements throughout your stationery items is a good idea, you don’t want to overdo it! Remember, the primary goal of your stationery items is to communicate a message, so don’t let the design overshadow the message. The message is the reason why you’re sending out the stationery items in the first place, so keep the design simple to make sure your message is front and center, where it belongs. If you force your recipients to sit there trying to decipher your message, they’re more likely to give up and trow away your stationery than to try harder.

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Photography Stationery Items | The 4 Dos And Don'ts Of Effective ...

In other words, make it as easy as possible for them to read the content of your stationery. In addition to making the design simple, you’ll need to pay special attention to the fonts you use for your stationery. We all have one or two favorite fonts we stumbled upon one night while browsing Pinterest, but if they’re difficult to read, you’ll want to stay away from them. Complex, calligraphic fonts will grab the attention of the viewer, but tend to be difficult to read, for example, so you’ll want to stick with a simple, easy to read font instead.

Photography Stationery Items | Website Design –

Invest In The Right Paper | Photography Stationery Items

The paper you decide to use for your stationery can make or break your entire marketing campaign. Thicker paper stocks tend to look and feel a lot more luxurious, which is bound to help you leave a favorable impression on your potential clients. After all, even the most appealing design won’t help you much if the business card you hand out gets torn or dented easily.

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