Introducing Our Latest Photography Web Design Project – Sebastien Bicard Photography

Introducing Our Latest Photography Web Design Project - ...

We’re incredibly proud to introduce our latest photography web design project. Sebastien Bicard is an immensely talented French wedding and portrait photographer that reached out to us and asked us to help him with setting up a website for his photography business. In one of his first emails, he told us he’s moving to the States, and that he needed a professionally designed website to match his style of photography and promote his business in the best possible way. Here’s what we came up with!

Photography Web Design Project | Website Design –

We were given the opportunity to create a website from scratch, so we knew from the get-go we needed an elegant, timeless design to match the emotion, depth and charm of his work; a design that would convey his style and encompass his entire brand. Our goal was to design a simple, yet powerful website that would shine a spotlight on his work and offer innovative features without distracting the visitors.

Picture-Perfect Landing Page | Photography Web Design Project

Sebastien is first and foremost a wedding photographer, so we knew that our latest photography web design project had to be all about timeless elegance. White and light gray backgrounds perfectly match the wedding theme, but also enable the images to stand out in all their glory, offering a stunning contrast and immersive browsing experience. We also paid a lot of attention to the design of the blog page, making sure the reading experience is enjoyable and distraction free.

What better way to grab the attention of the visitors than with stunning images? We made the landing page of Sebastien’s website all about his work by turning it into a stunning slideshow of his best work, and including a simple navigation bar at the top, to enable his visitors to explore the website and find out more about him and his work.

Introducing Our Latest Photography Web Design Project - ...

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Elegance Meets Powerful Features | Photography Web Design Project

We wanted to create a navigation bar that fits the rest of the website seamlessly, providing the visitors with all the essential links without distracting them. Important sections of Sebastien’s portfolio are just a click away, and all the projects are well organized in a beautiful grid of large gallery thumbnails. We also included an unobtrusive, yet powerful search engine to ensure the ease of use.

Visitors are able to reach out to Sebastien easily, thanks to the custom contact form, and all his social media profiles and other contact information are intuitively structured and showcased on the contact page. The blog page comes with a custom Twitter feed and overview of the latest blog posts.

Photography Web Design Project | Website Design –

A Memorable Browsing Experience | Photography Web Design Project

In addition to the beautiful design, we wanted to make sure the website performs smoothly and seamlessly. We made navigation intuitive, and browsing the website feels snappy and responsive. The transitions on the landing page are smooth and the animations throughout the website not only add to the visual appeal, but also add functionality by providing the visitors with additional information, turning this website into an elegant, yet incredibly powerful showcase of Sebastien’s skills and style.

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