Photography Website Expert Tips | How To Make Your Portfolio Website Work For You – Four Tips For Online Success

Photography Website Expert Tips | How To Make Your Portfolio Web...

Photography Website Expert Tips | Setting up a photography portfolio can be a tricky task, especially if you’re just starting out and you’re setting up your very first website, unsure what to expect. Yes, we’re all web users and we have a pretty good idea of what works on a website, and what doesn’t – however, photography websites are unlike any other type of websites, and there are many pitfalls associated with photography websites that not many photographers know about. As a result, we have almost a million photography websites out there, most of which are simply terrible!

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That’s a lot of websites you need to go through to get in front of your ideal client, but with the right guidance, a few industry secrets, and a pinch of creativity, you can make sure your portfolio website works for you and helps get you booked solid. To help you get started on the right track, we’re sharing our favorite design tips that are bound to get you noticed in the crowd. Let’s dive right in!

What Do All Effective Photography Websites Have In Common? | Photography Website Expert Tips

The last thing you want is to set up a website using a cheap web template, only to realize it looks just like another photographer’s website. After all, photography is one of the most creative industries, and every aspect of your brand needs to show that – especially your website, because it will oftentimes be the very first contact a potential client has with your business, and you want to leave a memorable and favorable impression. In order to do that, you’ll want to have a professional design a website that compliments your work and reinforces your brand – something almost no template will be able to do effectively.

Photography Website Expert Tips | How To Make Your Portfolio Web...

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However, just because all the most effective websites appear to be completely different on the outside, there are some things all of them have in common, and if you’re hoping to stand out from the crowd of poorly designed photography websites, you’ll want to make sure you keep these things in mind! First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure you upload only the very best examples of your work. Your visitors are looking for stunning photography that will showcase your style and skills, so give them just that!

Effective Photography Websites Sell! | Photography Website Expert Tips

Another thing majority of effective photography websites have in common is simplicity. When trying to make their websites stand out and appear unique, many photographers will add tons of unnecessary bells and whistles that will not only slow down the website, but it can also overshadow the images they’re trying to showcase. We’re talking about a photography website here after all, so your images should take the center stage, and using a simple, elegant design for your website will push your work front and center, where it belongs. This will allow your visitors to see what you can do for them and what your style is all about, which is exactly what they need in order to hire you.

Warning: You’ll Want To Get Into Blogging After Reading This Tip | Photography Website Expert Tips

There’s a reason some of the most successful photographers find the time to maintain a regularly updated blog on top of all the other things they’re juggling. And no, their undying love for the art of blogging isn’t the only factor here. The benefits of having a blog on your photography website are practically endless. Not only will a blog give your visitors a reason to keep coming back for more, even if you don’t update your portfolio on a weekly basis, but it will also give you plenty of original content to share on social media, which will help you build a reputation of a reliable source and industry leader.

Regularly updating your blog isn’t great just for the user experience – it can also help you boost your search engine rankings! Since search engines practically ignore media, and focus solely on text, blogging about industry-related topics will give you plenty opportunities to use your target keywords you want to rank high for in an organic and natural way, which will help ensure both the search engines and visitors absolutely love your website.

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Photography Website Expert Tips | How To Make Your Portfolio Web...

Step Through The Process And Anticipate Their Next Step | Photography Website Expert Tips

If you’re a professional photographer offering products and services, chances are that you have other goals in mind for your website other than simply showcasing your photography. Most photographers will set up a website that will help them grow their client base, yet you’d be amazed just how many photographers set up a unique, impressive website, only to leave out their contact details, or bury them several clicks deep. Don’t make it hard for your visitors to convert into paying clients – instead, make sure they have everything readily available the moment they decide they’re ready to hire you.

Photography Website Expert Tips | Website Design –

So, what’s the very first thing a visitor might do? They’ll look for your phone number, or your email address! This is why we advise our clients every time we design a website for them to include their phone number and email address in the footer or the header of each page, including the portfolio page. However, you’ll also want to set up a separate contact page, or at least a section on the homepage where you can feature other details and even include a contact form that will allow your visitors to reach out to you without abandoning your website.

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