Photography Website Ideas | The Beginner’s Guide To Creating A Pro Photography Website

Photography Website Ideas | The Beginner's Guide To ...

Photography Website Ideas | Marketing a photography business requires a visual media, one that not only lives up to the aesthetic appeal and standards of your pictures, but also provides the functionality to help potential clients find out more about you and get in touch. In today’s world, that means a website — a stunning, easy to use, fast, professional website. Google tells us that there are almost one million photography websites online right now. This is bad news for you. The good news is that most of these websites suck.

Photography Website Ideas | Website Design –

If you’re a pro making money from your craft: Are you sure that your website is doing everything it can to get you clients and close the deal? How much business are you losing because your website doesn’t do its job? Gone are the days when you could set up a website and let it sit idle for a few years. You are marketing to the the millennials, a generation that has grown online with mobile devices and social networks. Does your website have what it takes to grab their attention? Here are our top tips on how to build a better website for your photography business, and once you have a stunning website, how to get as much traffic to it as possible.

Narrow Down Your Choices Of Pictures | Photography Website Ideas

Although you may have a large collection of images you want to publish in your portfolio, try to limit your selection to the best examples of your work. Too many images in your portfolio can affect load times, and overwhelm the potential client with too many options. It can make your portfolio feel like it is dragging on and on. Choose images that really show that you love what you do, and show the full breadth of your talents and skills: Lighting, posing, style, emotion… this is what people love to see!

Photography Website Ideas | The Beginner's Guide To ...

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Your Website Is Your First Impression. Make It Count! | Photography Website Ideas

Your website is often your first opportunity to leave a memorable impression on your potential clients. In addition to showcasing great imagery, your website has to be user friendly. As the saying goes, your first impression is often your last. That’s why designing an outstanding website should be one of your top priorities. Not having a professional site will cost you more in the long run anyway. Think about it. How much will it cost you if you lose out on 1 or 2 gigs per month for a year, all because your website was either too poorly designed, or can even be found in the first place?

Flash Is For Portraits, Not For Websites | Photography Website Ideas

Adobe Flash is a tool that some website developers use to design websites. Unfortunately, Flash takes too long to load, it is not search engine friendly, some devices can’t even display it, and it often looks overdone. If your pictures need flash animations to make them stand out, maybe you should reconsider the images you included in your portfolio. For a search engine, a Flash website is just like a huge blank page without any text at all. Text is king in the search engine world and therefore this makes it much harder to rank high on search engines, which is not good for your business.

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Photography Website Ideas | The Beginner's Guide To ...

Add A Blog | Photography Website Ideas

Blogging isn’t just for writers. The web is now more dynamic than ever, and a photography website with a couple of pages and a handful of text doesn’t stand a chance! The easy fix is to set up a blog. They are an vital part of any website design, whether it’s a photography website or a local business. A blog is a way to share what you are working on, important news about shows and exhibitions, and more. Use it in a unique and personal way by telling stories, helping other photographers or sharing new ideas and tips for potential clients. Also make sure your blog and portfolio are under the same domain, because it’s better for SEO.

Photography Website Ideas | Website Design –

Make It Easy To Contact You | Photography Website Ideas

Regardless of how good your work is, if your visitors can’t get in touch with you, you’re not getting any new assignments. It’s really simple for you to add contact details to your website. Whether it’s a contact page, a phone number on every page, or an email address in the footer, finding your contact information should be a breeze for your users. However, you should try to set up an e-mail contact form because it greatly improves the chances of potential clients contacting you.

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