Photography Website Secrets | The Photographer’s Guide To Effective Web Design – Everything You Need To Know To Set Up A Killer Website That Gets You Clients!

Photography Website Secrets | The Photographer's Guide To Effective...

Photography Website Secrets | Publishing a website is a lot like showing up for the first date – if you don’t leave the right impression, you’re never seeing your potential client again. When a potential client is researching photographers, they open a dozen or so websites in one window and quickly go through the tabs, scanning the websites. This means you only have a few seconds to grab their attention or they’ll abandon your website and move on to the next one. Harsh? Perhaps, but it’s still true! We all do it.

Photography Website Secrets | Website Design –

The truth of the matter is that there are many photographers out there with comparable skills, and you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd of photographers using similar equipment and targeting the same audience. Your first stop should be your website – it’s your portfolio that’s accessible to potential clients 24/7, and it’s usually the very first thing they see when they look you up. So, in addition to stunning pictures (which you probably already have covered), what are some of the most important elements of an effective website that will get you booked solid? Read on to find out!

Dress To The Nines | Photography Website Secrets

The very first thing you do before a date is dress to impress, right? The same goes for your website! You’re a part of a creative and visual industry, which means every element should live up to the standards of your photography. Sure, your pictures will speak for themselves, but setting up an appealing showcase for your work will show your clients that you pay attention to every detail and will make the entire experience of viewing your portfolio more enjoyable. However, make sure you don’t go overboard!

Photography Website Secrets | The Photographer's Guide To Effective...

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The ultimate goal of your website is to showcase your work, so make sure you’re not using flashy, distracting elements that will only detract from the impact of your works. By keeping the design clean and elegant, you’ll allow your work to take the center stage, where it belongs! In other words, if your visitors can’t stop talking about the design of your website, barely mentioning your work, you have a serious problem on your hands!

Show Some Personality | Photography Website Secrets

Now that we got that initial impression right and we grabbed the attention of a potential client, we need to charm them! Just like on a date, you need to show some personality. Photographers hold a great deal of trust, and you’ll be building that trust by letting your visitors get to know you a bit better. Start with the About page and go from there. Don’t just list your achievements and stats; instead, share bits about yourself and your life. One of the worst things you can do is set up a cold, corporate-like website that showcases just your work. Crack a joke, share your favorite quote, talk about a funny situation behind the camera or what drives you!

Your visitors can also get to know you through your blog. The space on the About page is usually limited (no one wants to read your entire autobiography in one sitting, after all), which makes your blog the perfect tool to let your personality shine. Remember, your blog isn’t there just to showcase your personality – the benefits of a regularly updated blog are endless: it will keep your visitors coming back for more if you share tips, tricks, and ideas for better shoots as well, but it will also boost your search engine rankings.

Tell Them To Call You! | Photography Website Secrets

If the first date goes well, you’ll probably tell them to call you, and you should do the same on your website. Drop calls to action throughout your website. Calls to action are links, buttons or text telling the visitors to take a certain action. For example, you can include a “Book Now!” button on your Portfolio page, or “Contact Us For More Info” on the Investment page and link these buttons to your contact page. This will guide your visitors through the process and steer them towards booking you!

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Photography Website Secrets | The Photographer's Guide To Effective...

You’ll also want to make contacting you as easy as possible. In addition to a separate contact page with all the contact details, you’ll also want to include your phone number and your email address in the footer or the header of each page, so your potential clients can reach out to you the moment they decide to hire you! You’d be amazed just how many photographers set up a stunning website and completely overlook their contact details, or bury them several clicks deep. Don’t make it difficult for them – otherwise, they might not try too hard to find your contact details.

Photography Website Secrets | Website Design –

Don’t Make It Difficult | Photography Website Secrets

Chances are, you’d never have your first date in a loud club – instead, you’ll find some place quiet so you can focus on your date. Needless to say, you should make it easy for your visitors to focus on your work, which is why you’ll want to simplify your navigation menu. Don’t overwhelm them with too many distracting links – instead, feature links only for the most important pages in the navigation bar at the top of each page, and tuck away less important links either in the secondary navigation, or a sidebar. This way, your visitor will be able to focus on your work instead of trying to figure out how to get from one page to another.

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