Photography Website SEO Tips | Tackling Google: 5 Ways Photographers Can Improve their SEO

Photography Website SEO Tips | Tackling Google: 3 Ways ...

Photography Website SEO Tips | The number one problem photographers have when starting their photography business is getting the word out about it, and finding new clients. Even though they have an amazing sense of design and graphics for their websites and blogs, they forget that search engines do not see images or videos like we do. Search engines see text, not images, so you must associate all the important text with that image by filling out vital information in the alt tag and description of the image.

Photography Website SEO Tips | Website Design –

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the catch-all phrase that means the stuff you do to rank higher in Google. Yes, you can do tons of cool stuff to boost your ranking. It requires some knowledge of how the Internet works, how search engines rank content, and how your website fits into this mix. Since this topic is seem scary to many people, putting a little bit of effort into optimizing your website for search engines will give you an edge against your competition. Use these simple photography website SEO tips and give your photography business just the boost it needs!

Run A Blog On Your Website | Photography Website SEO Tips

If you love what you do, then you should talk about it. There are always people looking for advice, reviews, experiences, case studies, or just want to hear what you have to say about the photography business. Just because it’s a website dedicated to photography, doesn’t mean you have to use it strictly to showcase images. A blog is one of the biggest assets any website can have with the additional keywords for which you can rank, plus the regular amount of content you can publish. Be as nerdy or as high level as you find interesting. In fact, the nerdier and more technical you are, the more long-tail terms you are likely creating for your website. Long-tail photography terms are absolute gold when it comes to organic search.

Photography Website SEO Tips | Tackling Google: 5 Ways ...

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Use Titles | Photography Website SEO Tips

The title tag is just that bit of text that shows up at the top of your Internet browser. It should sum up your web page, so search engines use it as one of the most important factors in determining what the page is about, and if people will want to visit your website. A page’s title helps it rank well and, convinces a user to click it on a search results page. Write the title before the page; choose what you want to rank for, then write a page exactly about that topic.

Rename Your Images | Photography Website SEO Tips

Rename your images with your target keywords or one main keyword per blog post. If you upload an image that is named “IMG_0001” a search engine has no idea what that image is about, or how it is relevant to searchers online. Before uploading an image to your website, rename the file on your computer using descriptive keywords, separated by hyphens. You might need a number (like the date) at the end of each one to avoid having duplicate file names. For example three-tier-white-wedding-cake-100914.jpg.

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Photography Website SEO Tips | Tackling Google: 5 Ways ...

Promote Through Social Media | Photography Website SEO Tips

There’s no ignoring Facebook, Twitter, or any of the major social media platforms out there when it comes to getting anything known nowadays. Create an account for your photography business on these platforms, and upload some images to give visitors a peek of what you can offer on your official website. Initially the effect which social media could have on search engine rankings was vague and many were skeptical of the benefits of social media, beyond attracting a quick burst of poor quality traffic. However, it became obvious that social media is a much larger factor in search engine ranking than originally thought.

Photography Website SEO Tips | Website Design –

Links, Links, Links | Photography Website SEO Tips

First of all, be sure to include plenty of links to content on the same site as the post. Google robots will scan through your post, see that it points to your ‘contact me’ page, or links to another post and go off and have a look at that too. This may change over time, but the experts seem to agree that having external links is still very important to search engine ranking. Ideally, the sites linking to you are very popular, are relevant to your type of photography, and have your link in a prominent place on the site instead of buried among 100 other links.

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