Photography Welcome Packet Design | Five Ways To Spice Up Your Welcome Packet And Prepare Your Clients For The Shoot Of Their Life

Photography Welcome Packet Design | Five Ways To Spice Up Your ...

Photography Welcome Packet Design | Recently we’ve been seeing a shift of attention towards the customer in most industries – sure, you’ve got a great service or a product to offer, but it’s the whole experience customers are looking for, so if you’re hoping to stand out in a saturated market, your customer service needs to be on fleek. Think about it: while you might be shooting pretty much every day, a photo session is a special occasion for your clients, and it’s your job to make it as memorable and enjoyable as possible from the moment they book you to the moment you deliver the images.

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Unless you’re a fashion photographer, majority of your clients won’t have too much experience with a professional photographer when they hire you, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they might feel insecure or unsure what to expect. To help them get the most out of the session (and to leave an impression of a professional that you truly are), you’ll want to prepare them in advance. It’s not uncommon for photographers to hand out welcome packets after a client books them, so if you’re thinking about creating your own, we gathered some of our favorite design tips that will help you set up a photography welcome packet that not only prepares your clients for the shoot, but also reinforces your brand and builds your reputation of an industry leader.

Pick Essential Items For Your Welcome Packet | Photography Welcome Packet Design

The items you include in your welcome packet will depend solely on your photography business and your ideal client, so don’t settle for premade welcome packet templates everyone’s using. The goal is to create a packet that suits your business, not to tweak your offer and business model to fit a packet just because you found it on sale. You’ll end up using only a few items from the packet and you’ll never really get the results you were hoping for! Just like your photography business and your brand are unique, so should be the welcome packet you hand out!

Photography Welcome Packet Design | Five Ways To Spice Up Your ...

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Put Their Mind At Ease | Photography Welcome Packet Design

The very first thing a client sees when they open your packet is a welcome card. A 4×6 card with your favorite shot on one side and all the necessary contact details on the other side will be a good start. However, try not to overwhelm your potential client with too much information right off the bat – the goal here is to provide them with all the important contact details in order to let them know they can reach you whenever they have a concern or a question. Your phone number should definitely be there, as well as your email address you check most often. You can also consider including your website address, Facebook page, Instagram username, Twitter handle and any other social links you’d like to share.

Let Them Know What To Expect | Photography Welcome Packet Design

There are tons of small details and nuances that can make or break a session, and while you as a professional know what to expect and how to handle pretty much everything that might pop up, your clients will need all the guidance they can get. Instead of explaining everything as you go, you can put together a list of the most frequently asked questions – go through the entire process step by step, share tips and tricks your past clients found most useful and offer other insightful information. This will not only make your clients feel prepared, but it will cut the number of emails you receive before the session in half, so you don’t spend hours replying to the same questions day after day.

Make Mailing Effortless | Photography Welcome Packet Design

Depending on the items you decide to include in your welcome packet, you’ll need either a smaller box or a folder. Folder is definitely more convenient (not to mention more affordable), but either way you go, make sure it represents your brand and matches your visual identity. This can be done by using your brand’s color scheme and featuring your logo or other brand-related graphics front and center – the good news is that it will add that extra punch and help you leave an impression of an established business.

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Photography Welcome Packet Design | Five Ways To Spice Up Your ...

It’s often the little details that make things stand out, such as including pre-stamped return envelope. This is especially important if you’ll be including the contract in the welcome package and you want your clients to mail you a signed copy. By including their individual contracts in your welcome packet, they’ll know that this welcome packet is tailored specifically for them. This is a nice touch to make the experience more personal, and including a return envelope will show that you’re ready to go that extra mile.

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Use Your Packet To Boost Your Network | Photography Welcome Packet Design

Photographers rely heavily on word of mouth advertising, which is why they usually build their networks of businesses that refer their clients to each other. For example, a wedding photographer might have a preferred wedding planner, caterer, florist, and other businesses that target the same audience but offer non-competing services. If you have a similar network, show them some love by including a list of preferred vendors in your packet. Even if this list is short, it’s still worthwhile to include because it will show to your clients that you have professional experience in the industry.

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