Photography Welcome Packet | Essential Tips To Turn Your Welcome Packet Into Your Wedding Season Survival Kit

Photography Welcome Packet | Essential Tips To Turn Your Welcome ...

Photography Welcome Packet | If you’re passionate about photography, starting your own business must have crossed your mind at least a few times so far. And it sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? You get to do what you love and you get paid to do it! Doesn’t get any better than that! However, once you actually start a business and book a few weddings, you might not be that thrilled with what you find out about running a wedding photography business. It’s not all wine and roses – especially if you dive in without any prep work!

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The more you’re in business, the more you’ll come to realize that majority of things that happen on a daily basis are pretty repetitive, and rarely photography-related. From the same email inquiries you get, to clients freaking out about the same things few hours before the big day and calling you in the middle of the night. We’ve heard tons of horror stories from the photographers we worked with, and they all have one thing in common: they’re usually caused by big fat misunderstanding. So, to help you put together an effective photography welcome packet that takes away most of the stress away and actually helps your clients, we put together a list of some of the most effective tips every photographer should know about! Let’s get started.

Be Helpful | Photography Welcome Packet

We get it, you might be overbooked, overworked, and ever overwhelmed, but put yourself in the shoes of your client: it’s usually the bride, about to have the most important day of her life, and everyone would be freaking out, especially considering the fact that this is (probably) the first time she’s going through the process and is facing endless stream of new situations. While you can’t do much to help with the overall stress, you can make sure there’s no added stress from your end, which is why it’s important to make your clients feel special, heard, appreciated, and prepared.

Photography Welcome Packet | Essential Tips To Turn Your Welcome ...

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A photography welcome packet, among other things, serves to introduce the client to the service they purchased, provide them with important guidelines, tips and tricks, and even requirements in some cases, so they have a pretty solid idea of what to expect before the session itself. This is especially important for wedding photographers – your job is to fit into the overall schedule and get enough time to do what you’ve been hired to do. Whenever we design welcome packets for our clients, we advise them to include a timeline as well, as to give their clients a better idea of the photo-worthy moments and to make sure they keep you in mind while planning those moments, like throwing the bouquet, cutting the cake, and so on.

Be Available | Photography Welcome Packet

When working on the welcome packets, most photographers start with the welcome card and a handwritten note, which is a great detail that shows you care. However, what most photographers forget to include is their business card, or even a custom information spreadsheet with the most important contact details the bride, or anyone from her team can reach you should they have additional questions and requests. Keep in mind that the wedding organizer will need to work you into the schedule, and they might want to confirm with you certain details or suggest changes to the timeline you included in your welcome packet. But most importantly, the bride will feel a lot more confident knowing you’re just an email or a phone call away!

Reinforce Your Brand | Photography Welcome Packet

Your welcome packet can do much more than simply help the terrified bride get a better idea what to expect from working with you and the entire process she’s about to go through. Most importantly, your welcome packet can help you reinforce your brand and turn it into a memorable visual experience, but only if you’re smart about it. To begin with, it’s important you ensure consistency throughout all the items you include in your packet, whether by using the same color scheme, fonts, or style of graphics. This will be a much easier job if you already have branding guidelines sorted out!

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Photography Welcome Packet | Essential Tips To Turn Your Welcome ...

Don’t Neglect The Business Opportunities | Photography Welcome Packet

You can use the welcome packet you send out to your clients to create new business opportunities and get new clients out of your effort to prepare the bride for the big day. Even though there’s no more powerful marketing tool than a happy bride singing your praises, there’s still a way to boost your chances of getting booked. For example, you can consider including a few referral cards in your packet, so the bride can hand them out to her engaged friends looking for a wedding photographer. Offer a discount on the total price, or include a bonus service available only for people with referral cards, and your bride will be that much more likely to hand out the cards.

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This is a great opportunity to promote your referral network, not just your own business. What many photographers routinely overlook is the list of their preferred vendors, yet this short list of non-competing businesses in the wedding industry can do more for your business than you probably think. Not only will other business owners be more likely to send their clients your way if you recommend them, but you will also leave an impression of a respected and established member of your industry.

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