Portfolio Tips | Rock Your Portfolio Website: Pro-tips For Photographers

Portfolio Tips | Rock Your Portfolio Website: Pro-tips for Photo...

Portfolio Tips | Every artist, photographer, designer, and cinematographer needs a portfolio of their work to build up their resumes, and attract potential clients. One great way to build up your portfolio is to create your own website, and have all your best work showcased. To a potential client, you as a photographer are often only as good as your portfolio. They’re checking you out for the first time, and if you don’t impress them, you won’t get hired. Your portfolio is your career calling card – get it right, and win that dream job!

Portfolio Tips | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

A personal portfolio website is all about marketing you. You are a brand, and your name is a brand name. No one is going to hear about your brand unless you get it out there; and if you’re a photographer, or any other type of creative, then it’s vital that you have a great portfolio website. However, if you are not a professional web designer you may not be aware of the best way to create your portfolio website. Here are some portfolio tips to help you along the way.

Have a clear logo and tagline | Portfolio Tips

Your logo is your brand; your tagline is who you are. In the short-attention-span digital age, you have to be able to grab attention, and answer the question “why?” very quickly. Your logo is usually the first thing a user sees. Because we read from left to right, top to bottom, it is wise to put your logo in the top left of your website so that visitors can immediately identify who owns the website. Once the visitor knows who owns the website, they’ll want to know what it is that you do. This is where you explain what you do with a tagline. Your tagline should be short and snappy, summarizing what you do.

Portfolio Tips | Rock Your Portfolio Website: Pro-tips for Photo...

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Take a step back, and curate your best work | Portfolio Tips

This is a personal portfolio website after all, so your portfolio will affect whether the website is interesting or not. People will want to see your previous work to assess whether you’re good or not, and for general interest, to see what you’ve been up to in the past. At first, it might seem like you want to showcase everything you’ve ever done, so that you can demonstrate your breadth of skill. This is usually a mistake; less is amost always more. Take the time to go through all of your work, and carefully choose the appropriate pieces for your portfolio.

Choose at least five projects so you can showcase the breadth of your work, but be selective. Remember, it’s always better to have a portfolio of a couple of projects that are stunning, than dozens of projects where some of them are simply OK. The quality of your portfolio is only as good as your weakest project.

Keep the website design simple, and let the work take center stage | Portfolio Tips

It is vital for the most important information to stay above the fold, the space visible on top of the screen before a visitor scrolls down. Also, keep your website clean and simple. Try to balance the website, and not make it too cluttered by adding more than 3 focal points. You want your work to be the focal point, rather than a distracting design. Simplicity in the interface and visual design of your website will push your work to the surface, where it belongs.

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Portfolio Tips | Rock Your Portfolio Website: Pro-tips for Photo...

Add info about yourself | Portfolio Tips

It’s all about you. After all, business is personal – it’s done between people, not machines, and the business deals can be just as much about personality compatibility and your character as much as your skills. Let people see the man or woman behind the mask (i.e. website). Share your background, where you came from, how many years you’ve been in the business, etc. The more details you give, the better your users can form a bond and build trust with you.

Portfolio Tips | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Make it easy to contact you | Portfolio Tips

What’s the ultimate point of making a portfolio? To get clients – and get paid. The easier you make it for a prospective client to be able to contact you, the better the chance you’ll end up getting their work – and get paid. Use a form to make it easier for visitors to contact you (so that they don’t have to write down your email address, and then open up their email client). A form also allows you to ask for specific information, such as name, email address, website URL, details of inquiry.

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