Portfolio Website Design Tips | Top Reasons Why Your Portfolio Website Isn’t More Successful

Portfolio Website Design Tips | Top Reasons Why Your ...

Portfolio Website Design Tips | Many of the portfolio websites suffer from the same mistakes that can be easily avoided. Some of these mistakes merely result in irritation, whilst others will inhibit or prevent your visitors from accessing the material or functionality that you have included in your design. It’s easy to tumble into pitfalls when you’re starting out in portfolio web design. Learn what the most common mistakes are and how to avoid them.

Portfolio Website Design Tips | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

No matter how well or how poorly your portfolio website is designed, by far the largest mistake occurs when the website’s role in the overall strategy of your marketing strategy has not been well thought through. Only when the strategic purposes and role of the website are understood can the portfolio website be built in a way that accomplishes those goals. Here are six tips on how to avoid the most common mistakes in order to create an effective and appealing portfolio website.

Keep It Quick | Portfolio Website Design Tips

The average person waits less than three seconds for a page to load before leaving the website altogether. Choosing a suitable hosting package that enables fast page-load speeds is vital to the success of your website. Keep in mind that you should also be able to look at the home page of any website and figure out what the website is about in less than four seconds. If you can’t, the site is a failure.

Portfolio Website Design Tips | Top Reasons Why Your ...

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Show Some Personality | Portfolio Website Design Tips

It’s all about you. Let people see the man or the woman behind the mask (i.e. camera). Share your background, where you came from, how many years you’ve been in the photography business, etc. When visitors are looking at your website, they want to know who you are. Add a bit of personality, maybe with a good headshot of yourself, to let them know you’re a real person with your own style and identity. The more details you give, the better your visitors can form a bond and build trust with you.

Show Off | Portfolio Website Design Tips

This is a personal portfolio website after all, so your portfolio will affect whether the website is interesting or not. People will want to see your previous work to determine whether you’re good or not and for general interest, to see what you’ve been up to in the past, and to decide whether to hire you or not. Your portfolio website is like a living CV: the content on it should be up-to-date and make it clear to people what you can do. It’s a mechanism for demonstrating your professionalism and talents, so make sure that you show off new projects and skills as soon as they’re ready for the world to see.

Make Yourself Available | Portfolio Website Design Tips

This is one of the most vital elements of a portfolio website but is often hidden or even neglected. A potential client has browsed your website, is impressed with your portfolio and can see who you are. Now they want to hire you. If your website doesn’t make it clear how potential clients can get in touch with you, they won’t try very hard to find out. Devote space on your homepage to telling people how they can contact you. Use a form to make it easier for visitor to contact you (so that they don’t have to take down your email address and then open up their email manager). A form also enables you to ask for specific information, such as name, email address, website URL, details of inquiry.

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Portfolio Website Design Tips | Top Reasons Why Your ...

Get Recommended | Portfolio Website Design Tips

Why should anyone just take your word for how great you are? Compelling content also comes in the form of testimonials written by relevant people, such as you existing clients. Direct quotes from your clients act as reviews of your services and can be published on your website. These testimonials add a level of trust, reassurance and authenticity, further proving your experience and ability to produce top quality work.

Portfolio Website Design Tips | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Be Sure To Provide Ease Of Use | Portfolio Website Design Tips

Try to look at your portfolio as a client would look at it. The content should be really easy to access and browse without any confusing or disturbing buttons, pop-ups, shiny banner or even complex site structure which can be hardly understood at once. The easier your website is for your potential client to navigate and get around, the happier they will be using your website. The happier they are using your website, the more positive feelings they will produce while looking over your work. The same works in the opposite direction, don’t forget.

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