Portfolio Website SEO | 6 Ridiculously Easy SEO Tips To Drive Traffic To Your Photography Website

Portfolio Website SEO | 6 Ridiculously Easy SEO Tips To Drive Traffic

Portfolio Website SEO | The number one challenge that photographers face when starting their photography business is getting the word out about their services and finding more new clients. However, if you can get your website to pop up when people search for a photographer in a search engine like Google, then you’ll have a much better chance of finding new clients. Search engine optimization might get thrown around like a marketing-speak buzzword, but if you’re in pretty much any industry, it’s actually something you need to know about. Yet, so many photographers seem confused by what it means and what it actually does.

Portfolio Website SEO | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Search engine optimization is the catch-all phrase that means the stuff you do to rank higher in Google search results. Yes, even photographers can do tons of cool stuff to influence their rankings. However, many photographers often struggle with their SEO because of a very basic conflict: photography is about pictures and SEO is about text. To be blunt, Google loves text, while pretty much ignoring the pictures! To optimize your entire photography website for search engines, you’ll need to follow these basic tips:

Think Like A Client, Not A Photographer | Portfolio Website SEO

When researching the keywords you want to rank high for, keep your target audience in mind and try to figure out the terms they’d use when searching the Internet for services you’re providing. For example, portrait is a word most photographers use on a daily basis, but it isn’t a word ordinary people use. Someone looking for family portraits is much more likely to use a search akin to “family photography.”

Portfolio Website SEO | 6 Ridiculously Easy SEO Tips To Drive Traffic

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Start By Optimizing The Images | Portfolio Website SEO

Search engines can’t “see” what your pictures are about because they are machines, so we use alt text to tell them what is happening on the picture. Alt text is a bit of extra text you enter when you post images, and adding relevant alt tags to the images on your website can help your website achieve better rankings in the search engines by associating keywords with images. As a matter of fact, using alt tags is probably the easiest way for your pictures to show up in Google image and web search.

Don’t Forget The Page Titles | Portfolio Website SEO

Your website and page titles are the bits of text that you see at the top of your browser when you’re visiting a website. This tells search engines what the overall name and topic of the particular page is. Even if you have a image-heavy site, if you just optimize the Title tag with keywords you’ll be better than 99% of your photography competitors! Keep in mind, thought, that the Title should include your most relevant keywords, i.e. the ones you want to show up for in a search AND those that are most relevant to your website.

Meta Description Counts As Well | Portfolio Website SEO

You have around 160 characters to provide a summary of why someone should care about each page. Think of your target audience and use terms and sentences that would make them want to click your link. This will show in the description of your website when people find it among the search results under the main title, and they’ll read it before they even view your page. For your Description, repeat and incorporate the same relevant keywords from your Site Title into the first sentence. It should be a complete, keyword-laden and concise sentence about your specialty.

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Portfolio Website SEO | 6 Ridiculously Easy SEO Tips To Drive Traffic

Merge Your Blog And Your Website | Portfolio Website SEO

Just because it’s a website dedicated to photography doesn’t mean you have to keep it strictly to just posting pictures from your latest assignments. A blog is one of the biggest assets any website can have with the additional keywords for which you can rank, plus the regular amount of content you can publish. Yet, you’d be surprised how many photographers decide to separate their blogs and website, and choose to use different domains.

Portfolio Website SEO | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Work On Links | Portfolio Website SEO

Google has thousands of webpages that could potentially rank for any given topic. It prioritizes these pages, to a large extent, based upon whichever page has the most or the best links from other websites. Links are the most accurate way to interpret who has the most authority about a topic. Don’t be stingy with linking out. That will encourage others to link to you.

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