Powerful Logos | 5 Elements of Logo Design to Build a Powerful Brand Icon

Powerful Logos | 5 Elements of Logo Design to Build a Power...

Powerful Logos | In today’s social and tech-savvy world, it’s more important than ever before to make sure your brand is presented in the best light — no matter how it is being viewed. There are thousands of different logos out there, but you probably cannot recall more than 100 from memory. Those are the ones that left a lasting impression for one reason or another.

Powerful Logos | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Many businesses have rebranded recently, starting a trend that is partly influenced by the mobile device evolution. Maybe it’s time for your small business to start thinking of a fresh, new look for your brand? We’ll get down to the nitty gritty of what makes a great logo design, and we’ll also guide you through the principles and best practices of how to design an iconic brand identity. We’ve put together 5 tips to follow when rebranding to make sure your brand looks great across every device and marketing channel.

Buck the trends | Powerful Logos

Be original. Don’t worry about what everyone else in your industry is doing. Trendy logos get stale really fast. A modern and trendy logo is fun to design, but it may go out of style sooner than you think. The basis for an effective logo should be timeless elegance, so it will look right no matter how many years pass, or how many changes the company sees as it evolves. Why not use a design that you actually thought up yourself, rather than imitating what everyone else is doing?

Powerful Logos | 5 Elements of Logo Design to Build a Power...

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Say it without words | Powerful Logos

The goal of every logo is to convey the company’s identity without words. However, if your logo is going to feature both an iconic logo and a textual treatment of your company’s name, it’s best to create the elements as separate pieces of artwork, as opposed to overlapping, or intertwining. Long taglines will require a small font that will become illegible when you scale down your logo. Also, a tagline can create a lot of visual clutter. It’s always better to have that ever-so clever tagline as a separate element that you can add only when appropriate.

Shape and scale | Powerful Logos

One of the reasons you need a logo is so that you can put it on different marketing materials. From event programs to coffee mugs, your logo needs to be versatile in both shape and scale. Consider these two extremes: a Facebook icon and a billboard. You logo needs to look good, not only in the simple colors you used during the design process, but also in black and white for fax or copied materials, and scaled down for business cards, or marketing materials such as key chains, stress balls or ballpoint pens.

A complex logo can be difficult to reproduce and more importantly, difficult to remember. It is a far better idea to have a simple logo for your main design, and a souped-up version when a more complex version is appropriate, and the reproduction medium allows.

Create a pop of color | Powerful Logos

Color is one of the most exciting parts of designing and developing a brand. There are so many choices! But don’t get overwhelmed—take a couple deep breaths and really think about what you want your brand to convey and how color plays a role. However, remember that a good logo is just as recognizable in black and white as it is in color. Ideally, your logo will also work in reverse, should you need it to.

Bright and bold colors may grab someone’s attention, but could also seem brash; muted tones exude sophistication, but could be overlooked. Every color has a different implication and can bring nuance to your message — don’t fall into the trap of conveying the wrong message because of a simple brush stroke.

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Powerful Logos | 5 Elements of Logo Design to Build a Power...

Be appropriate | Powerful Logos

Keep in mind that your logo’s goal is to appeal to your clients, and should be created with them in mind. You may be the most conservative person on the planet, but if you’re trying to market to the hip-hop crowd, your sensibilities are probably different than your target audience’s. A logo that you like probably won’t appeal to them.

Powerful Logos | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

You don’t have to do what everyone else in the industry is doing, but it is smart to consider how your logo will be perceived. For instance, you wouldn’t want to use a childish font for an investment banking firm, or a shape with sharp points for an infant clothing line.

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