Practical Business Card Ideas | Design Your Own Pocketable Billboard! The Photographer’s Guide To Effective Business Card Design

Practical Business Card Ideas | Design Your Own Pocketable Bill...

Practical Business Card Ideas | There’s no denying that we’re living in a digital age, but there are still certain things that have been around for centuries despite the technological advancements. One of those things is the business card. While some will argue that it’s nothing more than a relic from a long gone era, a well designed business card can do so much more for your photography business than simply provide your potential clients with your contact details.

Practical Business Card Ideas | Website Design –

Not all business cards are created equal, though! You can download a cheap template, write the name of your business, and have a set of business cards printed for less than $20. However, these cards usually have all the telltale signs of amateur and cheap design, which can do more damage to your photography business than good. Your potential clients will start forming an opinion of your products and services the moment you hand out your business card, and if it doesn’t leave a favorable impression, they might never even bother checking out your website. To help you make sure your business card not only provides your potential clients with your contact information, but also sparks interest, leaves a great first impression, and gets your phone ringing off the hook, we gathered some of the most practical business card ideas! Let’s dive right in.

Be Deliberate With The Information You Feature On Your Business Card | Practical Business Card Ideas

The most important purpose of having a business card designed in the first place is providing your potential clients and business partners with all the information they need to reach out to you, so start off by thinking about the information you need to include in order to get the most out of your card. For example, if you have a fax number, but you’ve only received a few faxes last year, you’ll want to leave it off your card. In other words, you’ll need to make sure you don’t clutter it with too many unnecessary details.

Practical Business Card Ideas | Design Your Own Pocketable Bill...

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So, what’s most important? Your name should definitely be there, as well as the name of your photography business. You’ll also want to include your phone number, and your email address. Your website address is also pretty vital, as well as your street address if you have a studio. If you don’t have a studio, you might want to consider replacing your physical address with the social media links if you use these platforms for promoting your business and the services you’re providing.

Make It Readable | Practical Business Card Ideas

We know what you’re thinking – I’ll add all the details and simply shrink down the font in order to make everything fit. This might sound like a clever idea, but it is more likely to render your business card useless than to be a useful trick. Don’t make your potential clients use a magnifying glass to read your phone number! Whenever we design business cards for our clients, we advise them not to use fonts smaller than 8pts, especially for vital information on the card. We also make sure we’re using dark fonts on light backgrounds, because a light gray font on a white card is the perfect recipe for a disaster.

Fly Your Flag High! | Practical Business Card Ideas

A business card can help you build a memorable and recognizable brand if you’re smart about the design. Chances are, you already have some branded materials, or at least a logo, and to boost brand awareness, you’ll want to incorporate the same elements throughout your materials, both online and off. For example, sticking with the same font for all your printed materials, the same color scheme, or even the same graphics you used for your logo will turn your brand into a memorable visual experience.

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Practical Business Card Ideas | Design Your Own Pocketable Bill...

Use The Back Of The Card | Practical Business Card Ideas

The average business card holder assumes the back side is blank, so you’ll want to make sure all the important details are featured on the font side. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use the back for non-vital elements. How many times have you received a business card, flipped it to check out the back and saw blank space? This is prime marketing real estate – a small billboard in your potential client’s wallet, so don’t waste a great opportunity to feature one of your favorite images, a discount coupon, or just your logo. Whatever you do, just don’t leave it blank!

Practical Business Card Ideas | Website Design –

Bring Your Card Into The 21st Century | Practical Business Card Ideas

Just because the business card has been around for centuries, it doesn’t mean it can’t be used in new and fresh ways. For example, you can get even more out of your card by including a QR code that takes your potential clients to your portfolio website when scanned, or simply adds your contact info to their phone book. The best part about the QR codes is that they can be customized to perfectly match your brand’s color scheme. And only a few can resist the urge to scan the code to see what’s on the other side! If you don’t particularly like QR codes, you can also include a near field communication chip that works just like a QR code with compatible devices. This will add that extra punch to your card and turn it into a powerful marketing tool in a second!

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