Practical Marketing Tips | 6 Killer Photography Marketing Tips You Have To Try Today!

Practical Marketing Tips | When you launch your photography business, it’s crucial to spread the word about the services your offer by marketing your business to your target audience. If you take good shots, it doesn’t mean you’ll become successful overnight, or gain popularity among potential clients. You need to know how to sell yourself well! With cameras on every phone, and more photography studio websites popping up all over the Internet, how can you get your photography business to stand out?

Practical Marketing Tips | Website Design –

If you are just getting started in the photography industry, it can feel frustrating, because it seems like you can’t get your message in front of the right people. Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming, but it does have to be creative in order to get clients to choose your business. Promotion and marketing can be really fun if you just step outside the box, look at it from a different and exciting perspective, and follow these simple marketing strategies that have been proven to work countless times. Some of these ideas are quick and easy and others are more of a long term strategy that you should start now and will build up steam over time. Let’s get to the good stuff, shall we?

Understand Your Target Market | Practical Marketing Tips

Marketing doesn’t just happen by accident. Marketing takes consistent, dedicated effort. Half the battle in successful marketing lies in knowing to whom you’re marketing, so you have to determine who your target audience is. Do research into what they like, how old they are, what interests they have and especially what makes them tick. It’s vitally important that you know exactly who your ideal client so you can tailor every part of your marketing strategy toward the things that appeal to them.

Practical Marketing Tips | 6 Killer Photography Marketing Tip

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Get Out Of Your Pajamas | Practical Marketing Tips

When it comes to your brand, YOU are the most powerful marketing tool you have. If your main focus is on wedding photography, make connections with florists, wedding planners, wedding dress boutiques and caterers. By connecting with business owners who target similar audiences, you can become a part of their referral network, which can help you generate leads for your new photography business. Not everyone you approach will be receptive, but others will be, so keep trying until you find the best match.

Rock Your Social Media | Practical Marketing Tips

It’s OK not to be the most sociable person, but it’s a real crime to let your photography business suffer when social networks give you such wide opportunities to connect with your potential clients. Social media is considered one of the most effective marketing tools available today; the potential connections are virtually endless! When you blog the images from your client’s photo session, take a moment to share them on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media outlets that your ideal clients use. They might share the images with their friends and you’ll get traffic as they point people your way.

Have A Professionally Designed Website | Practical Marketing Tips

Showcase your talent by creating and maintaining a strong portfolio website. Your website is often the first impression that people have of your business and the services you offer, and can be thought of as your virtual storefront. Keep your portfolio full of your best images, but not so many that they overwhelm your visitors. Also, don’t post all your images at once – give your potential clients something to look forward to!

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Practical Marketing Tips | 6 Killer Photography Marketing Tip

Update Your Blog | Practical Marketing Tips

Blog, blog and blog some more! Blogging is an incredibly effective way to express your unique personality and feature examples of your work, but if a potential client visits your website and you haven’t updated your blog in months, they may think you’re no longer in business. It’s also extremely valuable to blog about things that your clients want to know. For example, wedding photographers may want to publish a series on their blog with tips for brides for having better wedding photography, whereas portrait photographers may share tips about what to wear to a session.

Practical Marketing Tips | Website Design –

Get Some Testimonials | Practical Marketing Tips

Testimonials are the essence of the trust-building element because they boost your reputation and credibility as a photographer to your potential clients. Hence, they’re a can’t-be-beaten, powerful force in marketing yourself. To get testimonials that are effective and not just generic phrases like “They were awesome,” send out a survey with leading questions in it. Create a list of questions to ask your clients after they work with you in order to get the testimonials you need to infuse your marketing pieces with extra effectiveness.

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