Print Collateral Design Tips | Tips, Tricks, And Best Practices For Designing Ridiculously Effective Marketing Collateral

Print Collateral Design Tips | Tips, Tricks, And Best Practices For...

Print Collateral Design Tips | In today’s global market, it has become vitally important for businesses both big and small to present a professional image to stay competitive, and the printed materials are still a crucial ingredient in any marketing strategy, playing a vital role in getting your products and services in front of your potential and existing clients. Your company’s success depends on how well you convey what you are providing. This, in turn, may depend on how well you design your marketing collateral items, ranging from your business cards to letterheads and brochures.

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Although marketing budgets are seeing dollars shift toward thought-leadership and education-focused communications, traditional marketing collateral is far from being dead. The benefits of printed marketing collateral are countless; it gives your potential clients an opportunity to engage with your business on a tangible level and allows them to instantly get a sense of the nature of your brand. In fact, it still can make or break your business. Here are our top tips for planning and creating collateral that will help close the deal.

What Is Print Collateral? | Print Collateral Design Tips

Printing collateral is the collection of all of the materials that you use to market your products and services to both your potential and current clients. The type of print collateral you may choose can vary based on your industry and your company’s branding. Marketing collateral comes in various shapes and sizes, like business cards, letterheads, brochures, pamphlets, postcards, business cards, posters, folded leaflets, flyers and folders. But the real question is when it is extensively used by everybody in the market, how does your marketing collateral stand out from the crowd?

Print Collateral Design Tips | Tips, Tricks, And Best Practices For...

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Create A Style Guide | Print Collateral Design Tips

Consistency is vitally important in all your marketing materials, as it helps to build company familiarity and recognition, which in turn helps build trust and even better sales. This consistency is an important step towards building your company’s brand as well. A style guide is a great way of sorting out the different elements that make up your collateral. It enables you to outline your theme elements, which includes your logo and any key graphics, your fronts, key phrases and brand-oriented words.

Typography Fundamentals | Print Collateral Design Tips

Typography plays a critical role in creating visual hierarchy and contrast. Limit the number of fonts you’re using, though, unless you want your piece to look cluttered. Anyone with access to an abundant font folder has been guilty of making their content look messy using too many fonts at least once in their life. There are just so many fun fonts out there, how can you possible choose? One brilliant thing about typefaces is that many of them come with several fonts that perfectly match each other and can be used together?

Use Plenty Of White Space | Print Collateral Design Tips

Placement and positioning of the content also plays an important role. For example, front face of the brochure should have appealing and interesting feature to encourage the reader to open it and go through the entire data. Do not stuff content anywhere. We’ve all heard of it, but are you really utilizing it appropriately? Giving elements breathing room makes a world of difference. Spacing in between the lines is also very important. Not too much, but not too tight either.

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Print Collateral Design Tips | Tips, Tricks, And Best Practices For...

Integrate Physical With Digital Collateral | Print Collateral Design Tips

Entrepreneurs tend to forget that it can be a wise idea to blur the line between physical and digital marketing collateral. Things like web addresses and QR codes printed on physical media can help clients access your business’s digital side, which in turn gives another opportunity for them to do business with you. The bane of marketing to some, easily-tracked and useful tools to others, QR codes can be successful when used with the right type of marketing campaign. Your business card, for example, could feature a QR code that takes potential clients to an About Me web page, mobile app download, coupon code, newsletter sign-up, or social media “like” page.

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Tell Your Story Clearly, Simply, Visually | Print Collateral Design Tips

People are scanners. It’s vitally important you’re able to hook them into your content strong visual design. This means killer headlines, bulletined copy and short paragraphs. Graphics can help dictate the flow of your content, and keep the attention of your readers on your materials. Simplify the design, eliminate the jargon and establish clear takeaways.

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