Print Marketing Design Ideas | Guide To Designing Sales Tools That Actually Increase Client Engagement

Print Marketing Design Ideas | Guide To Designing Sales Tools That...

Print Marketing Design Ideas | Although small business budgets are seeing dollars shift toward thought-leadership and various new ways of communication, traditional marketing collateral is far from being dead. In fact, it still has a very important role to play in turning your business into a success story. Quality marketing collateral effectively reinforces your brand to your existing and potential clients, and familiarizes them with the products and services you provide.

Print Marketing Design Ideas | Website Design –

The benefits of printed marketing collateral are countless; it presents an opportunity for your potential clients to engage with your business on a tangible level and enables them to instantly get a sense of the nature of your business. In other words, print collateral can be the difference between a near-sale and a loyal client for life. Below are our top tips for designing effective marketing collateral or updating the current one so that it can perform better.

Start Off On The Right Foot | Print Marketing Design Ideas

The content you use for marketing collateral has to be outlined long before you kick off your next big marketing campaign. It will help you focus your marketing efforts more effectively and prevent you from losing focus on the content you want to promote. Start by defining three to four of the key issues for each audience group or niche you’re trying to reach. Research indicates (and the experience confirms) that consumers respond to content that discusses their challenges and needs — not your product or service. These needs should be the foundation not only of your product literature — but your entire content strategy.

Print Marketing Design Ideas | Guide To Designing Sales Tools That...

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Create A Style Guide | Print Marketing Design Ideas

It’s vitally important that you have a style guide to ensure consistency across all your marketing collateral materials. It keeps everyone on the same page about how every element from your logo and imagery, to fonts, slogans and brand-oriented words should be used. It also helps you focus on the actual content as you create it, and prevents you from getting distracted by design elements. This lets you keep your ideal client in mind, which in turn makes your marketing collateral that much more effective with your target audience.

Tell Your Story Clearly, Simply, Visually | Print Marketing Design Ideas

Designing effective marketing materials requires that you understand the thought process your potential clients go through every time they view your content. Things like how your content flows, what grabs a reader’s attention, and how quickly your content can be read all work towards successfully selling your products or services to a potential client. Remember, people are scanners. It’s essential to be able to hook them into your content with strong visual design. This means high-impact graphics, killer headlines, bulletined copy and short paragraphs.

Use Great Graphics | Print Marketing Design Ideas

If you want to grab the attention of your target audience, using just the right amount of graphics throughout your marketing collateral is an absolute must. They help with the flow of your content as well as making everything easy to read and understand. Imagery is usually the very first thing your potential clients will look at and can be the crucial make or break point for whether or not the piece will end up in the trash can.

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Print Marketing Design Ideas | Guide To Designing Sales Tools That...

Go For Quality | Print Marketing Design Ideas

Whenever you’re presenting your brand to your target audience, you need to appear professional and reputable at all times. Go for the best quality you can afford, whether you’re investing in the paper stock you use or the quality of video on your website or social media networks – as this all affects just how well your potential clients respond to your marketing collateral. If this sounds too expensive to maintain in the short term, then consider saving costs by taking advantage of things like the economics of scale by printing your materials in bulk.

Print Marketing Design Ideas | Website Design –

Integrate Print And Digital | Print Marketing Design Ideas

When designing marketing collateral, it can be a smart move to look for ways to integrate your print collateral with your digital marketing efforts. Broaden your marketing reach by including website addresses and QR codes on your print marketing and promotions to drive targets to your digital side as well. A good scenario would be a QR code that, when scanned, lets your readers watch a short video demonstration of a product or service. Business cards, for example, can’t tell the whole story, so giving your potential clients a chance to learn more on-the-spot can increase response rate.

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