Print Marketing Design Tips | 7 Simple Design Tips For Marketing Collateral That Rocks Your Business

Print Marketing Design Tips | 7 Simple Design Tips For Marketing ...

Print Marketing Design Tips | You’ve spent a lot of money and time on setting up a great website, so why should you spend even more on printed marketing collateral? The answer is simple: because it helps to grow your business. Over the last few years, Internet marketing has come to the forefront of most business owners’ strategies, but that doesn’t mean the Internet is the only place where your brand lives. The fact is that a strong, well-written piece of marketing collateral can make all the difference in a sale and to the overall success of your marketing strategy.

Print Marketing Design Tips | Website Design –

Marketing collateral is perfect for maintaining a consistent brand identity to ensure a cohesive campaign. Having a full range of collateral pieces that are not necessarily sales pieces will help boost your image and credibility, as well as your ability to reach your potential clients and your success at staying in front of them. The benefits of printed marketing collateral are numerous; it presents an opportunity for your target audience to engage with your business on a tangible level and allows them to instantly get a sense of your business’s style.

Define Your Audience | Print Marketing Design Tips

Think about your ideal client. What kind of demographics do they fall into? Age? Income? Location? You want to distribute your print materials to the right audience, otherwise you’ll be wasting your resources. If you’re sending out postcards, or distributing brochures, make sure that the market you’re sending them to meets your target audience. You don’t want to send business products to an area full of apartments, or home services to business owners.

Print Marketing Design Tips | 7 Simple Design Tips For Marketing ...

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Keep It Clean | Print Marketing Design Tips

People are scanners, so it’s vitally important to be able to hook them into your content with strong visual design. This means high-impact imagery, attention-grabbing headlines, bulletined copy and short paragraphs. Don’t overwhelm your potential clients with a cluttered design. Use a graphic grid to align the various elements in an orderly fashion, simplify the design, eliminate the jargon and establish clear takeaways.

Pay Attention To Imagery | Print Marketing Design Tips

You’ve heard the expression “a picture is worth a thousand words” a million times, so try to spend a few hours at the white board brainstorming different ways to illustrate your key messages and solutions visually. Graphics can help dictate the flow of your content, and keep the attention of your potential clients on your materials. However, keep in mind that there is a certain balance of graphics that needs to be achieved in order to effectively do this, so make sure you don’t go overboard and overwhelm your readers.

Plan Projects Simultaneously | Print Marketing Design Tips

Not every piece of marketing collateral has to look identical, but they should all look cohesive as a compatible unit. You know you’re going to need business cards, brochures, maybe even booklets and signs. Working out the designs together, instead of taking them on one at a time, can have an incredibly positive effect on your results. Imagine all your marketing collateral laid out in front of you on a desk. Does it all look like it comes from the same company? It should.

Incorporate Brand Elements | Print Marketing Design Tips

When designing your marketing collateral, keep in mind that it’s often the first interaction potential clients have with your business so keep your branding strong, simple and to the point. Repeat design elements, colors and tone of voice across all of your marketing materials to reinforce the image of your brand. Your print marketing pieces should include the same colors and symbols, and even the fonts should match from the business cards to the brochures to the postcards (even your website!).

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Print Marketing Design Tips | 7 Simple Design Tips For Marketing ...

Tell Them How To Reach You | Print Marketing Design Tips

Don’t forget that you want people to act on what they read, so make sure to include a call-to-action and make your contact information clearly visible. Effective business collateral must include your contact information, and including your company address, phone number, email address, fax number and any other methods of communication that you believe are important is vital for growing your business.

Print Marketing Design Tips | Website Design –

Think About The Materials | Print Marketing Design Tips

Kick it up a notch by really putting some thought into the different materials that will be used for your marketing collateral. For example, the paper on which business cards are printed tends to be thick card stock, while brochures are typically printed on thinner paper that is often coated. Either way, you want your business to appear professional and reputable, which means that you need to have the highest quality paper and printing that is economically feasible.

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