Print Marketing Materials | 6 Business Stationery Design Tips To Help You Conquer Print Marketing

Print Marketing Materials | 6 Business Stationery Design Tips To Help

Print Marketing Materials | So much marketing activity is happening online these days, but to come up with the most effective marketing strategy, you need a mix of digital and print materials. Online marketing methods are generally a lot easier to set up and more affordable to embark upon, so naturally, more and more business owners are stepping away from a “marketing mix” in favor of an almost exclusively online-based approach. However, printed marketing materials are still the backbone of any branding effort, because it’s the best way to put your brand right in front of your ideal clients in a tactile and memorable way.

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You have the branded message, the color scheme, the fonts, the logo, the emotions and the target audience. The question is how to apply all of these things into a successful branded marketing campaign. The look and feel of your business cards, compliment slips and letterheads is crucial – after all, they say a lot more about your business than you think. So what are the key dos and don’ts when designing and printing business stationery?

Ensure Consistency | Print Marketing Materials

Be sure your materials have consistent look. Your branding strategy should be incorporated into your stationery design so that people know it’s your business and understand what you are all about. Matching colors to your logo is a great idea to create a professional image and ensure brand consistency. Not every piece of your stationery has to look identical, but they should all look planned as a matching whole. Imagine your literature laid out in front of you on a conference table. Does it all look like it comes from the same source? It should.

Print Marketing Materials | 6 Business Stationery Design Tips To Help

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Include Relevant Contact Details | Print Marketing Materials

Make sure you include all the required information on your business stationery design. Most businesses will want to feature their logo and full contact information. If you want your business stationery to be effective then you absolutely have to include your contact information such as your company name and address, phone number, email, fax and any other details you feel it’s important for your existing and potential clients to know.

Make It Easy To Read | Print Marketing Materials

Remember that any content featured on your stationery should be in fonts and colors that are easy to read. Also, avoid too much text: pages filled with endless walls of text won’t be able to grab the attention of your potential clients. Break up the copy with pictures, illustrations, cartoons, charts and so on. A busy design will detract from the message, and can distract people from noticing important details. Text should be printed in an easy-to-read format, aligned left to right. Using no more than two different fonts will help ensure the style remains consistent and the text readable.

How Important Is Space When Designing? | Print Marketing Materials

Crucial. Actually, a very common mistake is not using enough of it. People try to cram too much into leaflets, stationery, etc, and it’s very off-putting. Keep the overall look of your stationery items clean and simple. Don’t overload the potential client, and avoid a cluttered look, despite the temptation to make use of every inch of paper you are paying for. Choosing a design that features elements of clean white space will help your message stand out, as white space serves as a visual frame for the rest of the content on the page.

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Print Marketing Materials | 6 Business Stationery Design Tips To Help

Choose Quality Stock | Print Marketing Materials

Your business card and other stationery items should be a reflection of your business – a window to the heart and soul of your brand. So, if you need stationery, and most businesses do, make sure you have your stationery professionally printed. Using quality paper stock for your business stationery can help boost credibility of your business. People notice small details such as professional looking paper and special finishes (e.g. embossing), which can be enough to alter the perception of your business in the mind of a prospect.

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Invest In Photography | Print Marketing Materials

Small business owners sometimes skimp on getting good imagery of their equipment, their products, their equipment in use or their accessories and supplies. However, strong, professionally done photography will set you apart from other small business in your niche. Good images to choose include a professional picture of yourself, the building your company is located in, or something closely aligned with your logo and brand message. Using clip art is not a good idea, as it makes your stationery look generic. Your clients want to be reassured of the quality of your product, and amateur snapshots only make a poor impression of your business.

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